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revision 1.213 by crhodes, Fri May 12 10:31:56 2006 UTC revision 1.214 by dmurray, Sat May 13 17:19:10 2006 UTC
# Line 495  If the buffer needs saving, will prompt Line 495  If the buffer needs saving, will prompt
495           'pane-table           'pane-table
496           '((#\x :control) (#\k)))           '((#\x :control) (#\k)))
498  ;;; Commands for calling the ESA help functions.  ;;; For the ESA help functions.
500  (define-command (com-describe-binding :name t :command-table help-table)  (defmethod help-stream ((frame climacs) title)
501      ()    (typeout-window (format nil "~10T~A" title)))
   "Display documentation for the command invoked by a giving gesture sequence.  
 When invoked, this command will wait for user input. If the user inputs a gesture  
 sequence bound to a command available in the syntax of the current buffer,  
 documentation and other details will be displayed in a typeout pane."  
   (let ((command-table (esa:find-applicable-command-table *application-frame*)))  
     (multiple-value-bind (command gestures)  
         (esa::read-gestures-for-help command-table)  
       (let ((gesture-name (format nil "~{~A~#[~; ~; ~]~}"  
                                   (mapcar #'esa:gesture-name gestures))))  
         (if command  
             (let ((out-stream (typeout-window (format nil "~10THelp: Describe Binding for ~A" gesture-name))))  
               (describe-command-binding-to-stream gesture-name command  
                                                   :command-table command-table  
                                                   :stream out-stream))  
             (display-message "Unbound gesture: ~A" gesture-name))))))  
 (define-command (com-describe-command :name t :command-table climacs-help-table)  
     ((command 'command-name))  
   "Display documentation for the given command."  
   (unless command  
     (setf command (accept 'command-name)))  
   (let ((command-table (esa::find-applicable-command-table *application-frame*))  
         (out-stream (typeout-window (format nil "~10THelp: Describe Command for ~A" command))))  
     (describe-command-to-stream command  
                                 :command-table command-table  
                                 :stream out-stream)))  
 (set-key 'com-describe-binding  
          '((#\h :control) (#\k)))  
 (set-key '(com-describe-command nil)  
          '((#\h :control) (#\f)))  
 (define-presentation-to-command-translator describe-command  
     (command-name com-describe-command climacs-help-table  
                   :gesture :select  
                   :documentation "Describe command")  
     (list object))  

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