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revision 1.211 by thenriksen, Tue May 2 18:02:15 2006 UTC revision 1.212 by dmurray, Thu May 4 19:03:46 2006 UTC
# Line 314  Line 314 
314     (find-command-table 'global-climacs-table)))     (find-command-table 'global-climacs-table)))
316  (define-command (com-full-redisplay :name t :command-table base-table) ()  (define-command (com-full-redisplay :name t :command-table base-table) ()
317      "Redisplay the contents of the current window.
318    FIXME: does this really have that effect?"
319    (full-redisplay (current-window)))    (full-redisplay (current-window)))
321  (set-key 'com-full-redisplay  (set-key 'com-full-redisplay
# Line 332  Line 334 
334                  (beep))))))                  (beep))))))
336  (define-command (com-load-file :name t :command-table base-table) ()  (define-command (com-load-file :name t :command-table base-table) ()
337      "Prompt for a filename and CL:LOAD that file.
338    Signals and error if the file does not exist."
339    (let ((filepath (accept 'pathname :prompt "Load File")))    (let ((filepath (accept 'pathname :prompt "Load File")))
340      (load-file filepath)))      (load-file filepath)))
# Line 429  Line 433 
433  ;;   (note-pane-syntax-changed pane (syntax buffer)))  ;;   (note-pane-syntax-changed pane (syntax buffer)))
435  (define-command (com-switch-to-buffer :name t :command-table pane-table) ()  (define-command (com-switch-to-buffer :name t :command-table pane-table) ()
436      "Prompt for a buffer name and switch to that buffer.
437    If the a buffer with that name does not exist, create it. Uses the name of the next buffer (if any) as a default."
438    (let* ((default (second (buffers *application-frame*)))    (let* ((default (second (buffers *application-frame*)))
439           (buffer (if default           (buffer (if default
440                       (accept 'buffer                       (accept 'buffer
# Line 469  Line 475 
475    (kill-buffer (buffer (current-window))))    (kill-buffer (buffer (current-window))))
477  (define-command (com-kill-buffer :name t :command-table pane-table) ()  (define-command (com-kill-buffer :name t :command-table pane-table) ()
478      "Prompt for a buffer name and kill that buffer.
479    If the buffer needs saving, will prompt you to do so before killing it. Uses the current buffer as a default."
480    (let ((buffer (accept 'buffer    (let ((buffer (accept 'buffer
481                          :prompt "Kill buffer"                          :prompt "Kill buffer"
482                          :default (buffer (current-window))                          :default (buffer (current-window))

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