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revision 1.167 by dmurray, Thu Jul 28 20:36:36 2005 UTC revision 1.168 by dmurray, Mon Aug 1 21:53:38 2005 UTC
# Line 357  Line 357 
357  (define-named-command com-delete-word ((count 'integer :prompt "Number of words"))  (define-named-command com-delete-word ((count 'integer :prompt "Number of words"))
358    (delete-word (point (current-window)) count))    (delete-word (point (current-window)) count))
360    (define-named-command com-mark-word ((count 'integer :prompt "Number of words"))
361      (let* ((pane (current-window))
362             (point (point pane))
363             (mark (mark pane)))
364        (unless (eq (previous-command pane) 'com-mark-word)
365          (setf (offset mark) (offset point)))
366        (forward-word mark count)))
368  (define-named-command com-backward-delete-word ((count 'integer :prompt "Number of words"))  (define-named-command com-backward-delete-word ((count 'integer :prompt "Number of words"))
369    (backward-delete-word (point (current-window)) count))    (backward-delete-word (point (current-window)) count))
# Line 684  Line 692 
692  (define-named-command com-end-of-buffer ()  (define-named-command com-end-of-buffer ()
693    (end-of-buffer (point (current-window))))    (end-of-buffer (point (current-window))))
695    (define-named-command com-mark-whole-buffer ()
696      (beginning-of-buffer (point (current-window)))
697      (end-of-buffer (mark (current-window))))
699  (define-named-command com-back-to-indentation ()  (define-named-command com-back-to-indentation ()
700    (let ((point (point (current-window))))    (let ((point (point (current-window))))
701      (beginning-of-line point)      (beginning-of-line point)
# Line 1168  as two values" Line 1180  as two values"
1180           (syntax (syntax (buffer pane))))           (syntax (syntax (buffer pane))))
1181      (end-of-paragraph point syntax)))      (end-of-paragraph point syntax)))
1183    (define-named-command com-mark-paragraph ((count 'integer :prompt "Number of paragraphs"))
1184      (let* ((pane (current-window))
1185             (point (point pane))
1186             (mark (mark pane))
1187             (syntax (syntax (buffer pane))))
1188        (unless (eq (previous-command pane) 'com-mark-paragraph)
1189          (setf (offset mark) (offset point))
1190          (beginning-of-paragraph point syntax))
1191        (dotimes (i count) (end-of-paragraph mark syntax))))
1193  (define-named-command com-eval-expression ((insertp 'boolean :prompt "Insert?"))  (define-named-command com-eval-expression ((insertp 'boolean :prompt "Insert?"))
1194    (let* ((*package* (find-package :climacs-gui))    (let* ((*package* (find-package :climacs-gui))
1195           (string (handler-case (accept 'string :prompt "Eval")           (string (handler-case (accept 'string :prompt "Eval")
# Line 1212  as two values" Line 1234  as two values"
1234           (syntax (syntax (buffer pane))))           (syntax (syntax (buffer pane))))
1235      (forward-expression point syntax)))      (forward-expression point syntax)))
1237    (define-named-command com-mark-expression ((count 'integer :prompt "Number of expressions"))
1238      (declare (ignore count))
1239      (let* ((pane (current-window))
1240              (point (point pane))
1241              (mark (mark pane))
1242              (syntax (syntax (buffer pane))))
1243           (unless (eq (previous-command pane) 'com-mark-expression)
1244             (setf (offset mark) (offset point)))
1245           (forward-expression mark syntax)))
1247  (define-named-command com-eval-defun ()  (define-named-command com-eval-defun ()
1248    (let* ((pane (current-window))    (let* ((pane (current-window))
1249           (point (point pane))           (point (point pane))
# Line 1290  as two values" Line 1322  as two values"
1322  (global-set-key '(#\w :control) 'com-cut-out)  (global-set-key '(#\w :control) 'com-cut-out)
1323  (global-set-key '(#\e :meta) `(com-forward-expression ,*numeric-argument-marker*))  (global-set-key '(#\e :meta) `(com-forward-expression ,*numeric-argument-marker*))
1324  (global-set-key '(#\a :meta) `(com-backward-expression ,*numeric-argument-marker*))  (global-set-key '(#\a :meta) `(com-backward-expression ,*numeric-argument-marker*))
1325    (global-set-key '(#\@ :meta :control :shift) `(com-mark-expression ,*numeric-argument-marker*))
1326  (global-set-key '(#\f :meta) `(com-forward-word ,*numeric-argument-marker*))  (global-set-key '(#\f :meta) `(com-forward-word ,*numeric-argument-marker*))
1327  (global-set-key '(#\b :meta) `(com-backward-word ,*numeric-argument-marker*))  (global-set-key '(#\b :meta) `(com-backward-word ,*numeric-argument-marker*))
1328  (global-set-key '(#\t :meta) 'com-transpose-words)  (global-set-key '(#\t :meta) 'com-transpose-words)
# Line 1308  as two values" Line 1341  as two values"
1341  (global-set-key '(#\q :meta) 'com-fill-paragraph)  (global-set-key '(#\q :meta) 'com-fill-paragraph)
1342  (global-set-key '(#\d :meta) `(com-delete-word ,*numeric-argument-marker*))  (global-set-key '(#\d :meta) `(com-delete-word ,*numeric-argument-marker*))
1343  (global-set-key '(#\Backspace :meta) `(com-backward-delete-word ,*numeric-argument-marker*))  (global-set-key '(#\Backspace :meta) `(com-backward-delete-word ,*numeric-argument-marker*))
1344    (global-set-key '(#\@ :meta :shift) `(com-mark-word ,*numeric-argument-marker*))
1345  (global-set-key '(#\/ :meta) 'com-dabbrev-expand)  (global-set-key '(#\/ :meta) 'com-dabbrev-expand)
1346  (global-set-key '(#\a :control :meta) 'com-beginning-of-paragraph)  (global-set-key '(#\a :control :meta) 'com-beginning-of-paragraph)
1347  (global-set-key '(#\e :control :meta) 'com-end-of-paragraph)  (global-set-key '(#\e :control :meta) 'com-end-of-paragraph)
1348    (global-set-key '(#\h :meta) `(com-mark-paragraph ,*numeric-argument-marker*))
1349  (global-set-key '(#\s :control) 'com-isearch-mode-forward)  (global-set-key '(#\s :control) 'com-isearch-mode-forward)
1350  (global-set-key '(#\r :control) 'com-isearch-mode-backward)  (global-set-key '(#\r :control) 'com-isearch-mode-backward)
1351  (global-set-key '(#\_ :shift :meta) 'com-redo)  (global-set-key '(#\_ :shift :meta) 'com-redo)
# Line 1358  as two values" Line 1393  as two values"
1393  (c-x-set-key '(#\3) 'com-split-window-horizontally)  (c-x-set-key '(#\3) 'com-split-window-horizontally)
1394  (c-x-set-key '(#\b) 'com-switch-to-buffer)  (c-x-set-key '(#\b) 'com-switch-to-buffer)
1395  (c-x-set-key '(#\f :control) 'com-find-file)  (c-x-set-key '(#\f :control) 'com-find-file)
1396    (c-x-set-key '(#\h) 'com-mark-whole-buffer)
1397  (c-x-set-key '(#\i) 'com-insert-file)  (c-x-set-key '(#\i) 'com-insert-file)
1398  (c-x-set-key '(#\k) 'com-kill-buffer)  (c-x-set-key '(#\k) 'com-kill-buffer)
1399  (c-x-set-key '(#\l :control) 'com-load-file)  (c-x-set-key '(#\l :control) 'com-load-file)

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