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revision 1.128 by abakic, Sat Mar 19 22:08:31 2005 UTC revision 1.129 by abakic, Tue May 3 20:45:17 2005 UTC
# Line 621  Line 621 
621             (full-so-far (concatenate 'string directory-prefix so-far))             (full-so-far (concatenate 'string directory-prefix so-far))
622             (pathnames             (pathnames
623              (loop with length = (length full-so-far)              (loop with length = (length full-so-far)
624                    for path in (directory (concatenate 'string                 and wildcard = (concatenate 'string (remove-trail so-far) "*.*")
625                                                         (remove-trail so-far)                 for path in
626                                                        "*.*"))                   #+(or sbcl cmu lispworks) (directory wildcard)
627                    when (let ((mismatch (mismatch (namestring path) full-so-far)))                   #+openmcl (directory wildcard :directories t)
628                           (or (null mismatch) (= mismatch length)))                   #+allegro (directory wildcard :directories-are-files nil)
629                      collect path))                   #+cormanlisp (nconc (directory wildcard)
630                                          (cl::directory-subdirs dirname))
631                     #-(or sbcl cmu lispworks openmcl allegro cormanlisp)
632                     (directory wildcard)
633                   when (let ((mismatch (mismatch (namestring path) full-so-far)))
634                          (or (null mismatch) (= mismatch length)))
635                   collect path))
636             (strings (mapcar #'namestring pathnames))             (strings (mapcar #'namestring pathnames))
637             (first-string (car strings))             (first-string (car strings))
638             (length-common-prefix nil)             (length-common-prefix nil)

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