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revision 1.109 by rstrandh, Sat Feb 19 05:23:16 2005 UTC revision 1.110 by rstrandh, Sat Feb 19 05:45:03 2005 UTC
# Line 465  Line 465 
465  (define-named-command com-open-line ()  (define-named-command com-open-line ()
466    (open-line (point (current-window))))    (open-line (point (current-window))))
468  (define-named-command com-kill-line ()  (define-named-command com-kill-line ((numarg 'integer :prompt "Kill how many lines?")
469                                         (numargp 'boolean :prompt "Kill entire lines?"))
470    (let* ((pane (current-window))    (let* ((pane (current-window))
471           (point (point pane))           (point (point pane))
472           (mark (offset point)))           (mark (offset point)))
473      (cond ((end-of-buffer-p point) nil)      (cond ((or numargp (> numarg 1))
474            ((end-of-line-p point)(forward-object point))             (loop repeat numarg
475                     until (end-of-buffer-p point)
476                     do (end-of-line point)
477                     until (end-of-buffer-p point)
478                     do (forward-object point)))
479            (t            (t
480             (end-of-line point)             (cond ((end-of-buffer-p point) nil)
481             (cond ((beginning-of-buffer-p point) nil)                   ((end-of-line-p point)(forward-object point))
482                   ((beginning-of-line-p point)(forward-object point)))))                   (t (end-of-line point)))))
483      (if (eq (previous-command pane) 'com-kill-line)      (unless (mark= point mark)
484          (kill-ring-concatenating-push *kill-ring*        (if (eq (previous-command pane) 'com-kill-line)
485                                        (region-to-sequence mark point))            (kill-ring-concatenating-push *kill-ring*
486          (kill-ring-standard-push *kill-ring*                                          (region-to-sequence mark point))
487                                 (region-to-sequence mark point)))            (kill-ring-standard-push *kill-ring*
488      (delete-region mark point)))                                     (region-to-sequence mark point)))
489          (delete-region mark point))))
491  (define-named-command com-forward-word ((count 'integer :prompt "Number of words"))  (define-named-command com-forward-word ((count 'integer :prompt "Number of words"))
492    (forward-word (point (current-window)) count))    (forward-word (point (current-window)) count))
# Line 1343  as two values" Line 1349  as two values"
1349  (global-set-key '(#\l :control) 'com-full-redisplay)  (global-set-key '(#\l :control) 'com-full-redisplay)
1350  (global-set-key '(#\n :control) 'com-next-line)  (global-set-key '(#\n :control) 'com-next-line)
1351  (global-set-key '(#\o :control) 'com-open-line)  (global-set-key '(#\o :control) 'com-open-line)
1352  (global-set-key '(#\k :control) 'com-kill-line)  (global-set-key '(#\k :control) `(com-kill-line ,*numeric-argument-marker* ,*numeric-argument-p*))
1353  (global-set-key '(#\t :control) 'com-transpose-objects)  (global-set-key '(#\t :control) 'com-transpose-objects)
1354  (global-set-key '(#\Space :control) 'com-set-mark)  (global-set-key '(#\Space :control) 'com-set-mark)
1355  (global-set-key '(#\y :control) 'com-yank)  (global-set-key '(#\y :control) 'com-yank)

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