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revision 1.7 by thenriksen, Sun Apr 23 12:36:19 2006 UTC revision 1.8 by thenriksen, Sun Apr 23 18:38:03 2006 UTC
# Line 212  Line 212 
212                 (switch-to-buffer existing-buffer)                 (switch-to-buffer existing-buffer)
213                 (let ((buffer (make-buffer))                 (let ((buffer (make-buffer))
214                       (pane (current-window)))                       (pane (current-window)))
215                     ;; Clear the pane, otherwise residue from the
216                     ;; previously displayed buffer may under certain
217                     ;; circumstances be displayed.
218                     (window-clear pane)
219                   (setf (syntax buffer) nil)                   (setf (syntax buffer) nil)
220                   (setf (offset (point (buffer pane))) (offset (point pane)))                   (setf (offset (point (buffer pane))) (offset (point pane)))
221                   (setf (buffer (current-window)) buffer)                   (setf (buffer (current-window)) buffer)

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