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revision 1.24 by thenriksen, Sun Jan 20 19:51:48 2008 UTC revision 1.25 by thenriksen, Sun Jan 27 08:13:54 2008 UTC
# Line 353  file if necessary." Line 353  file if necessary."
353                         (name buffer) (filepath-filename filepath))                         (name buffer) (filepath-filename filepath))
354                   (setf (current-view (current-window)) view)                   (setf (current-view (current-window)) view)
355                   (evaluate-attribute-line view)                   (evaluate-attribute-line view)
356                   (setf (filepath buffer) filepath                   (setf (filepath buffer) (pathname filepath)
357                         (read-only-p buffer) readonlyp)                         (read-only-p buffer) readonlyp)
358                   (beginning-of-buffer (point view))                   (beginning-of-buffer (point view))
359                   buffer)))))))                   buffer)))))))
# Line 375  directory will be returned." Line 375  directory will be returned."
375          (user-homedir-pathname)))))          (user-homedir-pathname)))))
377  (defmethod frame-set-visited-filename ((application-frame climacs) filepath buffer)  (defmethod frame-set-visited-filename ((application-frame climacs) filepath buffer)
378    (setf (filepath buffer) filepath    (setf (filepath buffer) (pathname filepath)
379          (file-saved-p buffer) nil          (file-saved-p buffer) nil
380          (file-write-time buffer) nil          (file-write-time buffer) nil
381          (name buffer) (filepath-filename filepath)          (name buffer) (filepath-filename filepath)

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