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Revision 1.6 - (show annotations)
Sun Mar 13 20:51:48 2005 UTC (9 years, 1 month ago) by abakic
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.5: +1 -3 lines
Line-oriented persistent buffer (binseq2). Warning: Need to fix minor
bugs (related to number-of-lines-in-region, I believe).

base.lisp: Added faster methods on previous-line, next-line,

pane.lisp, cl-syntax.lisp, html-syntax.lisp, text-syntax.lisp:
Replaced some calls to make-instance to calls to clone-mark and (setf
offset), in order to avoid passing climacs-buffer to marks. This also
made possible to get rid of delegating methods on syntax.

climacs.asd: Added Persistent/binseq2.

packages.lisp: Added binseq2-related symbols.

Persistent/binseq.lisp, Persistent/obinseq.lisp: Cleanup.

Persistent/persistent-buffer.lisp: Added code for binseq2-buffer and
related marks. Also some minor fixes.
1 - modify standard-buffer to use obinseq with leafs containing
2 flexichain-based lines
4 - upgrade persistent buffer based on binseq2 to an undoable buffer
6 - replace the use of the scroller pane by custom pane

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