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Wed Dec 22 14:43:18 2004 UTC (9 years, 3 months ago) by strandh
Branch: MAIN
Added new file io.lisp with input/output functions and the
packages.lisp file accordingly.

Added README file.

Totally rewrote the buffer implementation to use a single flexichain.
It should now be fast enough to replace Goatee.

Modified climacs.asd to reflect the use of Flexichain

Updated INSTALL file to give instructions for fetching Flexichain.

Updated gui.lisp to reflect the new functionality in io.lisp
1 strandh 1.1 Introduction
2     ------------
4     Welcome to Climacs, a project to create a Common Lisp version of
5     Emacs. In fact, this project is merely meant to replace the buffer
6     protocols of Goatee (the editor of McCLIM) and Portable Hemlock, in an
7     attempt to ultimately merge those two projects.
9     Climacs contributes (or will contribute) a few important things that
10     are not found neither in Goatee nor in Portable Hemlock:
12     * A buffer protocol with a potentially very efficient
13     implementation based on flexichains;
15     * An `undo' protocol that is both general and powerful and that
16     works on top of the buffer protocol;
18     * An implementation of the association between multi-keystroke
19     gestures and commands using nested CLIM command tables;
21     * The possibility of having the buffer contain arbitrary
22     objects. These will be rendered by the CLIM `present' function,
23     so that they become clickable in the right context;
25     * Syntax highlighting in the form of incremental parsers, especially
26     for Common Lisp code.
28     How to contribute
29     -----------------
31     [fill this in when we have a cl.net project]
33     What to work on
34     ---------------
36     Climacs is a full CLIM application, and should take advantage of CLIM
37     as much as possible, in particular for completion, presentations, etc.
39     It is hard to resist the temptation to re-implement functionality that
40     is currently in Emacs but that really belongs either in CLIM or in
41     separate CLIM applications. In particular, we are NOT interested in:
43     * Mail and News readers (see mel and Hermes)
45     * A debugger (see the debugger pane of McCLIM)
47     * An inspector (see the inspector pane of McCLIM)
49     * Dired, Bufed, Shell mode, Calendar and other functionality that
50     is best done as a CLIM pane or a separate CLIM application
52     We ARE however interested in the following items:
54     * A grammar checker based on an incremental parser for natural
55     languages
57     * Incremental parsers for programming languages other than Common
58     Lisp
60     * A kill ring (perhaps the one from Portable Hemlock will do)
62     * Indentation warnings for Common Lisp
64     Installation
65     ------------
67     To install Climacs, se the INSTALL file.

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