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Revision 1.14 - (show annotations)
Fri Nov 14 22:32:11 2003 UTC (10 years, 5 months ago) by aventimiglia
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: rel-0-2-1alpha, HEAD
Changes since 1.13: +3 -1 lines
Changes for 0.2.1alpha release
1 $Id: TODO,v 1.14 2003/11/14 22:32:11 aventimiglia Exp $ -*- outline -*-
3 * Turn Header printing over to CLHP
5 * Make a new installation method, more lisp based.
6 part of this should do automatic versioning, or at least make
7 version set in a single file instead of spread between Makefile,
8 clhp.asd and clhp.lisp like it is now
10 * Rewrite docs for new mod_clhp handler
12 * mod_clhp should check if the requested doc is actually there
13 Right now Lisp does it.
15 * Test suite
16 ** Convert all this to new deal with single package.
17 Maybe make separate files for each function, or group of related
18 or interdependant files.
20 ** Complete suite for :cgi
21 ** Complete suite for :clhp
22 ** Refine :test-suite
24 * Declare Declaim and Proclaim
25 GO through everything and refine and type it all.
27 * Command-line CLHP
28 Write a small program to enable CLHP to be parse at the command
29 line, separate from the server. This mode should supress printing of
30 the HTTP headers generated by CLHP.
32 * TAG
33 This is pretty nice right now, but I would like to implement it
34 possibly as a reader macro, where something like #<a href="/" #<b
35 "Click Me">> yields <a href="/"><b>Click Me</b></a>. The problem is
36 getting embedded reader macros to work properly.
38 * Error handling
39 This will be the biggest ongoing project, lets try to create every
40 kind of error imaginable, and make sure it reports something every
41 time. Also parse errors (like malformed lisp or unbound variables)
42 should not stop the entire page from parsing, it should just fail
43 for that form, report the error (and the offendding form) and
44 continue at the next reasonable point.
47 * Differences from PHP
48 Some differences I should keep, like you can't end blocks in the
49 middle of a form: like this:
51 <?clhp (echo "Hello There" ?> <b> Anthony </b> <?clhp ".") ?>
53 That works in PHP, but it really isn't something that I think needs
54 to be done in CLHP, at least not right away.
56 * Pre-release check list
57 ** version numbering
58 VERSION in Makefile, :version in clhp.asd and *CLHP-VERSION* in
59 clhp.lisp should be set. Eventually I'd like to set up a nice way
60 to have this all happen automatically. I think the best way to do
61 this is to make the whole build process more lisp dependent. The
62 other option is to go automake with it.
64 The way it works now is very nice, in fact, I don't think Automake
65 could do it so well.

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