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Thu Sep 18 20:57:30 2003 UTC (10 years, 7 months ago) by aventimiglia
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.1: +29 -6 lines
Finished writing the initial documentation, I'm ready for a release,
but I don't think I'll have time until next week. The release is
pretty much a very alpha one anyhow, but it will be enough that it is

Anyway, everything in INSTALL should work the way it is now. Of course
as it spreads out to different distros there may be some problems. And
some people may want to use wrapper scripts rather than
binfmt_misc. Of course once I right an Apache module, none of this
will make a difference.
1 aventimiglia 1.2 $Id: TODO,v 2003/09/17 14:25:41 aventimiglia Exp $ -*- outline -*-
4     This is just a convenience function that will compile and save fasl
5     files with the .clcgi extension.
7     Maybe I could also write a compiler program and install it in
8     /usr/local/bin (or wherever), to drop into makefiles.
10     * TAG
11     This has to be done with a macro.
13     * Error handling
14     This will be the biggest ongoing project, lets try to create every
15     kind of error imaginable, and make sure it reports something every
16     time. Also parse errors (like malformed lisp or unbound variables)
17     should not stop the entire page from parsing, it should just fail
18     for that form, report the error (and the offendding form) and
19     continue at the next reasonable point.
21     * Differences from PHP
22     Some differences I should keep, like you can't end blocks in the
23     middle of a form: like this:
25     <?clhp (echo "Hello There" ?> <b> Anthony </b> <?clhp ".") ?>
27     That works in PHP, but it really isn't something that I think needs
28     to be done in CLHP, at least not right away.
30 aventimiglia 1.1

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