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3 CLARITY is a tool and method for the storage and comparison of data with numeric and set membership components.
4 It is specifically geared toward timecourse microarray data, which is used to study the activity of genes across time.
5 By using data that has been redescribed into Gene Ontology (GO) terms, and summarizing the regulation of these terms across
6 time using characters (together forming sequences) we are able to use standard DNA alignment techniques with these sequences.
8 The Gene Ontology (GO), is a controlled vocabulary used to aid the description of genes and gene product attributes in a
9 variety of organisms. There are three different ontologies that describe molecular functions, biological processes, and cellular components.
11 Requirements:
13 CLARITY Database -- which requires MySQL.
14 Lispworks Enterprise Edition 4.2 or higher -- this restriction will
15 be removed soon by making sure that the MySQL connection works
16 on the freely available CL-SQL.
19 Last Update: 2006-08-16
21 Contact: samantha AT bioinformatics DOT nyu DOT edu
22 Copyright 2006 Samantha Kleinberg

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