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Thu May 12 17:21:30 2005 UTC (8 years, 11 months ago) by mantoniotti
Branch: MAIN
Initial manual import of CL-SBML sources and documentation.
1 (in-package "CL-SBML")
3 (defstruct (kinetic-law (:include sbml-base))
4 "The Kinetic Law Structure Class.
5 The instances of this structure class are the representation of SBML
6 kinetic laws. As an added bonus, CL-SBML always tries to `parse' the
7 kinetic law and to store its canonical S-expression representation in
8 the PARSED-FORMULA slot. The parsing attempt is done for either the
9 regular textual formula representation stored in the FORMULA slot, or
10 for the MathML formula rpresentation stored in the MATH slot ."
11 (formula "" :type string)
12 (parsed-formula nil :type (or null cons))
13 (math () :type (or null cons))
14 (parameters () :type list)
15 (time-units nil :type (or symbol string))
16 (substance-units nil :type (or symbol string))
17 )
19 ;;; end of file -- kinetic-law.lisp --

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