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revision 1.4 by sross, Mon Nov 29 11:27:03 2004 UTC revision 1.5 by sross, Tue Nov 30 09:45:32 2004 UTC
# Line 32  Line 32 
32                (setf (get-category (category-name it) locale) it)))))                (setf (get-category (category-name it) locale) it)))))
33        (setf (get-locale name) locale))))        (setf (get-locale name) locale))))
35  (defun load-all-locales (&optional (path *locale-path*))  (defun load-all-locales (&optional (*locale-path* *locale-path*))
36    (dolist (x (directory (merge-pathnames path "*")))    (dolist (x (directory (merge-pathnames *locale-path* "*")))
37      (when (pathname-name x)      (when (pathname-name x)
38        (load-locale (pathname-name x)))))        (with-simple-restart (continue "Ignore locale ~A." x)
39            (handler-case (load-locale (pathname-name x))
40              (locale-error (c) (warn "Unable to load locale ~A. ~%~A." x c)))))))
42  (defvar *category-loaders*  (defvar *category-loaders*
43    '(("LC_IDENTIFICATION" . load-identification)    '(("LC_IDENTIFICATION" . load-identification)
# Line 80  Line 82 
82    (dolist (x *id-vals*)    (dolist (x *id-vals*)
83      (aif (cdr (assoc (car x) vals :test #'string=))      (aif (cdr (assoc (car x) vals :test #'string=))
84           (setf (slot-value locale (cdr x))           (setf (slot-value locale (cdr x))
85                 (read-from-string it nil "")))))                 (remove #\" it)))))
87  (defun line-comment-p (line comment)  (defun line-comment-p (line comment)
88    (or (string= line "")    (or (string= line "")

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