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vector.lisp  1.10  8 years  edenny  Added a TODO note.
util.lisp  9 years  edenny  Initial Import
sort.lisp  1.1  8 years  edenny  Initial checkin.
sf.lisp  1.4  9 years  edenny  Fix bugs detected by unit tests.
select_platform.sh  9 years  edenny  Initial Import
random-number-generator.lisp  1.1  8 years  edenny  Initial check in.
poly.lisp  1.3  9 years  edenny  Replace some functions with macros that clean up after themselves. Plug a leak. …
permutation.lisp  1.2  8 years  edenny  Completed adding the wrappers.
package.lisp  1.13  8 years  edenny  Add cgl-gsl-rng defpackage and symbols.
matrix.lisp  1.4  8 years  edenny  Added functions that require vectors as well as matricies.
math.lisp  9 years  edenny  Initial Import
load-libraries.lisp  1.2  8 years  edenny  changed cwrappersub to gsl_cwrapper.
ffi.lisp  1.7  8 years  edenny  Add random-number-generator foreign types.
enum.lisp  1.2  9 years  edenny  add +prec-default+
const.lisp  1.2  9 years  edenny  Fix typos.
cl-gsl.asd  1.5  8 years  edenny  Add random-number-generator to list of files.
Makefile.linux  9 years  edenny  Initial Import
Makefile.common  1.2  8 years  edenny  Changed name of cwrapperstub.so to gsl_cwrapper.so
Makefile  9 years  edenny  Initial Import
ChangeLog  1.23  8 years  edenny  *** empty log message ***
COPYING  9 years  edenny  Initial Import

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