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revision 7 by tpapp, Thu Jul 12 14:01:08 2007 UTC revision 8 by tpapp, Sat Jul 21 13:41:55 2007 UTC
# Line 30  Line 30 
30      `(multiple-value-prog1 (progn ,@body)      `(multiple-value-prog1 (progn ,@body)
31         (let ((,status         (let ((,status
32                (lookup-cairo-enum (cairo_surface_status ,pointer) table-status)))                (lookup-cairo-enum (cairo_surface_status ,pointer) table-status)))
33           (unless (eq ,status 'success)           (unless (eq ,status 'status-success)
34             (warn "function returned with status ~a." ,status))))))             (warn "function returned with status ~a." ,status))))))
36  (defmacro with-surface ((surface pointer) &body body)  (defmacro with-surface ((surface pointer) &body body)

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