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revision 3 by rklochkov, Fri May 4 11:25:20 2012 UTC revision 18 by rklochkov, Sat Jan 12 21:26:46 2013 UTC
# Line 16  Struct may be used in OBJECT cffi-type o Line 16  Struct may be used in OBJECT cffi-type o
17  (defgeneric new-struct (class)  (defgeneric new-struct (class)
18    (:method (class)    (:method (class)
19      (foreign-alloc class)))      (foreign-alloc class)))
21  (defgeneric free-struct (class value)  (defgeneric free-struct (class value)
22    (:method (class value)    (:method (class value)
23      (declare (ignore class))      (declare (ignore class))
24     ;   (break)
25        ;(format t "Free ~a ~a~%" class value)
26      (foreign-free value)))      (foreign-free value)))
28  (defmethod gconstructor ((struct struct) &key new-struct &allow-other-keys)  (if (find-symbol "MEM-APTR" "CFFI") ;; new cffi
29    (if new-struct      (defun struct-type (type)
30        (new-struct (class-name (class-of struct)))        (list :struct type))
31        (progn      (defun struct-type (type)
32          (setf (slot-value struct 'value) nil)        type))
33          (null-pointer))))  
34    (defmethod gconstructor ((struct struct) &rest initargs
35                             &key new-struct &allow-other-keys)
36      (let ((class-name (class-name (class-of struct)))
37            (pointer (null-pointer)))
38        (if new-struct
39            (setf pointer (new-struct class-name))
40            (progn
41              (setf (slot-value struct 'value) nil
42                    (slot-value struct 'free-after) nil)))
43        (mapc
44         (lambda (field)
45           (let ((val (getf initargs (alexandria:make-keyword field) :default)))
46             (unless (eq val :default)
47               (if new-struct
48                   (setf (foreign-slot-value pointer
49                                             (struct-type class-name) field) val)
50                   (setf (getf (slot-value struct 'value) field) val)))))
51         (foreign-slot-names (struct-type class-name)))
52        pointer))
54  (defun pair (maybe-pair)  (defun pair (maybe-pair)
55    (if (consp maybe-pair) maybe-pair (cons maybe-pair maybe-pair)))    (if (consp maybe-pair) maybe-pair (cons maybe-pair maybe-pair)))
57  (defmacro defcstruct-accessors (class)  (defun slot-accessor (designator)
58      (flet ((count-args (list)
59               (do ((list list (cdr list))
60                    (count 0 (1+ count)))
61                   ((or (null list)
62                        (char= (char (string (car list)) 0) #\&))
63                    count))))
64        (let ((lambda-list
65               (closer-mop:generic-function-lambda-list (fdefinition designator))))
66          (= (count-args lambda-list) (if (listp designator) 2 1)))))
68    (defmacro defaccessor (name c-name class &body body)
69      #-message-oo (declare (ignore c-name))
70      (let ((val* (when (listp name) (list 'val))))
71        `(progn
72           (unless (fboundp ',name)
73             (defgeneric ,name (,@val* ,class)))
74           (if (slot-accessor ',name)
75               (defmethod ,name (,@val* (,class ,class))
76                 . ,body)
77               (warn 'style-warning
78                     "~a is not a slot accessor" ',name))
79           #+message-oo
80           ,(if val*
81                `(defmessage ,class (,(alexandria:format-symbol
82                                        :keyword "~A=" c-name)
83                                      val)
84                   . ,body)
85                `(defmessage ,class ,(alexandria:make-keyword c-name)
86                   . ,body)))))
89    (defmacro defcstruct-accessors (class &rest fields)
90    "CLASS may be symbol = class-name = struct name,    "CLASS may be symbol = class-name = struct name,
91  or may be cons (class-name . struct-name)"  or may be cons (class-name . struct-name)"
92    (destructuring-bind (class-name . struct-name) (pair class)    (destructuring-bind (class-name . struct-name) (pair class)
93      `(progn      `(progn
94         (clear-setters ,class-name)         (clear-setters ,class-name)
95         ,@(mapcar         ,@(mapcar
96            (lambda (x)            (lambda (field)
97             `(progn              (destructuring-bind (lisp-name . c-name) (pair field)
98                (unless (fboundp ',x)                `(progn
99                  (defgeneric ,x (,class-name)))                   (defaccessor ,lisp-name ,c-name ,class-name
100                (defmethod ,x ((,class-name ,class-name))                     (if (slot-boundp ,class-name 'value)
101                  (if (slot-boundp ,class-name 'value)                         (getf (slot-value ,class-name 'value) ',c-name)
102                      (getf (slot-value ,class-name 'value) ',x)                         (foreign-slot-value (pointer ,class-name)
103                      (foreign-slot-value (pointer ,class-name)                                             ',(struct-type struct-name)
104                                          ',struct-name ',x)))                                             ',c-name)))
105                (unless (fboundp '(setf ,x))                   (defaccessor (setf ,lisp-name) ,c-name ,class-name
106                  (defgeneric (setf ,x) (val ,class-name)))                     (if (slot-boundp ,class-name 'value)
107                (defmethod (setf ,x) (val (,class-name ,class-name))                         (setf (getf (slot-value ,class-name 'value)
108                  (if (slot-boundp ,class-name 'value)                                     ',c-name)
109                      (setf (getf (slot-value ,class-name 'value) ',x) val)                               val)
110                      (setf (foreign-slot-value (pointer ,class-name)                         (setf (foreign-slot-value
111                                                ',struct-name ',x)                                 (pointer ,class-name)
112                                   ',(struct-type struct-name) ',c-name)
113                            val)))                            val)))
114                (save-setter ,class-name ,x)))                (save-setter ,class-name ,lisp-name))))
115            (foreign-slot-names struct-name)))))            (or (mapcan (lambda (field)
116                            (unless (stringp field) (list (car field))))
117                          fields)
118                  (foreign-slot-names (struct-type struct-name)))))))
120  (defmacro defbitaccessors (class slot &rest fields)  (defmacro defbitaccessors (class slot &rest fields)
121    (let ((pos 0))    (let ((pos 0))
122      (flet ((build-field (field)      (flet ((build-field (field)
123               (destructuring-bind (name type size) field               (destructuring-bind (name type size) field
124                 (prog1                 (destructuring-bind (lisp-name . c-name) (pair name)
125                     `(progn                   (prog1
126                        (unless (fboundp ',name)                       `(progn
127                          (defgeneric ,name (,class)))                          (defaccessor ,lisp-name ,c-name ,class
128                        (defmethod ,name ((,class ,class))                              (convert-from-foreign
129                          (convert-from-foreign                               (ldb (byte ,size ,pos) (slot-value ,class ',slot))
130                           (ldb (byte ,size ,pos) (slot-value ,class ',slot))                               ,type))
131                           ,type))                          (defaccessor (setf ,lisp-name) ,c-name ,class
132                        (unless (fboundp '(setf ,name))                              (setf (ldb (byte ,size ,pos)
133                          (defgeneric (setf ,name) (value ,class)))                                         (slot-value ,class ',slot))
134                        (defmethod (setf ,name) (value (,class ,class))                                    (convert-to-foreign val ,type))))
135                          (setf (ldb (byte ,size ,pos) (slot-value ,class ',slot))                     (incf pos size))))))
                               (convert-to-foreign value ,type))))  
                  (incf pos size)))))  
136        (cons 'progn (mapcar #'build-field fields)))))        (cons 'progn (mapcar #'build-field fields)))))
138    (defun parse-struct (body)
139      (flet ((struct? (type)
140               (and (consp type) (eq (car type) :struct)))
141             (cname (name)
142               (destructuring-bind (lisp-name . c-name) (pair name)
143                 (declare (ignore lisp-name))
144                 c-name)))
145        (mapcar (lambda (str)
146                  (if (stringp str) str
147                      (list*
148                       (cname (first str))
149                       (let ((type (second str)))
150                         (if (struct? type)
151                             (struct-type (second type))
152                             type))
153                       (cddr str))))
154                body)))
156  (defmacro defcstruct* (class &body body)  (defmacro defcstruct* (class &body body)
157    `(progn    `(progn
158       (defclass ,class (struct) ())       (defclass ,class (struct) ())
159       (defcstruct ,class ,@body)       (defcstruct ,class ,@(parse-struct body))
160       (defcstruct-accessors ,class)       (defcstruct-accessors ,class)
161       (init-slots ,class)))       (init-slots ,class)))
163    (defun clos->struct (class object struct)
164      (let ((default (gensym)))
165        (mapc (lambda (slot)
166                (let ((val (getf (slot-value object 'value) slot default)))
167                  (unless (eq val default)
168                    (setf (foreign-slot-value struct (struct-type class) slot)
169                          val))))
170              (foreign-slot-names (struct-type class)))))
172  (defun clos->new-struct (class object)  (defun clos->new-struct (class object)
173    (if (slot-boundp object 'value)    (if (slot-boundp object 'value)
174        (let ((res (new-struct class))        ;; use make-instance, not new-struct, because gconstructor
175              (default (gensym)))        ;;                                            may be redefined
176          (mapc (lambda (slot)        (let ((res (make-instance class :new-struct t :free-after nil)))
177                  (let ((val (getf (slot-value object 'value) slot default)))          (clos->struct class object (pointer res))
178                    (unless (eq val default)          (pointer res))
179                      (setf (foreign-slot-value res class slot) val))))        (pointer object)))
               (foreign-slot-names class))  
       (slot-value object 'pointer)))  
181  (defun struct->clos (class struct &optional object)  (defun struct->clos (class struct &optional object)
182    (let ((res (or object (make-instance class))))    "Translates pointer STRUCT to object OBJECT (if not supplied, then to new
183      (setf (slot-value res 'value) nil)  object).
184      (mapc (lambda (slot)    I suppose, that by default it should convert data from pointer to struct.
185              (setf (getf (slot-value res 'value) slot)  Only exception is the presence of OBJECT with not boundp value"
186                    (foreign-slot-value struct class slot)))    (let ((%object (or object
187            (foreign-slot-names class))                       (unless (null-pointer-p struct)
188      res))                         (make-instance class)))))
189        (when %object
190          (if (slot-boundp %object 'value)
191              (progn
192                (setf (slot-value %object 'value) nil)
193                (unless (null-pointer-p struct)
194                  (dolist (slot (foreign-slot-names (struct-type class)))
195                    (setf (getf (slot-value %object 'value) slot)
196                          (foreign-slot-value struct (struct-type class) slot)))))
197              (setf (pointer %object) struct))
198          %object)))
200  (define-foreign-type cffi-struct (cffi-object freeable-out)  (define-foreign-type cffi-struct (cffi-object freeable-out)
201    ()    ()
202    (:actual-type :pointer))    (:actual-type :pointer))
204  (defmethod free-ptr ((type cffi-struct) ptr)  (defmethod free-sent-ptr ((type cffi-struct) ptr place)
205    (free-struct (object-class type) ptr))    (when (and (not (null-pointer-p ptr)) (slot-boundp place 'value))
206        (free-struct (object-class type) ptr)))
208    (defmethod free-returned-ptr ((type cffi-struct) ptr)
209      (unless (null-pointer-p ptr)
210        (free-struct (object-class type) ptr)))
213  (defmethod foreign-type-size ((type cffi-struct))  (defmethod foreign-type-size ((type cffi-struct))
214    "Return the size in bytes of a foreign typedef."    "Return the size in bytes of a foreign typedef."
215    (foreign-type-size (object-class type)))    (foreign-type-size (struct-type (object-class type))))
217  (define-parse-method struct (class &key (free :no-transfer) out)  (define-parse-method struct (class &rest rest)
218    (make-instance 'cffi-struct    (apply #'make-instance 'cffi-struct :class class rest))
                  :class class :free free :out out))  
220  (defun %class (type value)  (defun %class (type value)
221    (or (object-class type) (class-name (class-of value))))    (or (object-class type) (class-name (class-of value))))
223  (defmethod copy-from-foreign ((type cffi-object) ptr place)  (defmethod copy-from-foreign ((type cffi-object) ptr place)
224    (when (or (slot-boundp place 'value)    (when (slot-boundp place 'value)
             (member (object-free type) '(:all :transfer)))  
225      (struct->clos (%class type place) ptr place)))      (struct->clos (%class type place) ptr place)))
227    ;; cffi-object is not tyoo. It is for use struct with object designator
228  (defmethod translate-to-foreign ((value struct) (type cffi-object))  (defmethod translate-to-foreign ((value struct) (type cffi-object))
229    (values (clos->new-struct (%class type value) value) value))    (values (clos->new-struct (%class type value) value) value))
# Line 146  or may be cons (class-name . struct-name Line 236  or may be cons (class-name . struct-name
238  ;; to allow using array of structs  ;; to allow using array of structs
239  (eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)  ;; (eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
240     (unless (get 'mem-ref 'struct)  ;;    (unless (get 'mem-ref 'struct)
241       (let ((old (fdefinition 'mem-ref)))  ;;      (let ((old (fdefinition 'mem-ref)))
242         (fmakunbound 'mem-ref)  ;;        (fmakunbound 'mem-ref)
243         (defun mem-ref (ptr type &optional (offset 0))  ;;        (defun mem-ref (ptr type &optional (offset 0))
244           (let ((ptype (cffi::parse-type type)))  ;;          (let ((ptype (cffi::parse-type type)))
245             (if (subtypep (type-of ptype) 'cffi-struct)  ;;            (if (subtypep (type-of ptype) 'cffi-struct)
246                 (translate-from-foreign (inc-pointer ptr offset) ptype)  ;;                (translate-from-foreign (inc-pointer ptr offset) ptype)
247                 (funcall old ptr type offset)))))  ;;                (funcall old ptr type offset)))))
248       (setf (get 'mem-ref 'struct) t)))  ;;      (setf (get 'mem-ref 'struct) t)))
250    (defun struct-p (type)
251      (and (consp type) (eq (car type) 'struct)))
253    (defun ptr-struct (ptr type i)
254      (inc-pointer ptr (* i (foreign-type-size type))))
256  (defun from-foreign (var type count)  (defun from-foreign (var type count)
257    "VAR - symbol; type - symbol or list -- CFFI type; count -- integer"    "VAR - symbol; type - symbol or list -- CFFI type; count -- integer"
258    (if count    (if count
259        (let ((res (make-array count)))        (let ((res (make-array count)))
260          (dotimes (i count)          (if (struct-p type)
261            (setf (aref res i)              (dotimes (i count)
262                  (mem-aref var type i)))                (setf (aref res i)
263                        (convert-from-foreign (ptr-struct var type i) type)))
264                (dotimes (i count)
265                  (setf (aref res i)
266                        (mem-aref var type i))))
267          res)          res)
268        (mem-ref var type)))        (mem-ref var type)))

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