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Revision 1.18 - (show annotations)
Mon Aug 20 18:39:09 2007 UTC (6 years, 7 months ago) by afuchs
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.17: +6 -1 lines
Finally commit Thomas Persson's patch, too

* Fixes the scrolling bug which surfaced after a semirecent
  mcclim update.

* Changes the default port from irc::*default-irc-server-port* to
  simply 6667 to work around a recent change in cl-irc.

* Added the customizable variable *auto-focused-alist* in order to be
  able to set a number of nicks which are focused by default for
  different channels.

(the original patch included a command translator to close tabs on
middle mouse button click, but I don't think this should be included.)
1 (in-package :beirc)
3 (defvar *hyperspec-base-url* "file://localhost/Users/dmurray/lisp/HyperSpec/")
4 (defvar *default-fill-column* 80)
5 (defvar *timestamp-column-orientation* :right)
6 (defvar *default-nick* (format nil "Brucio-~d" (random 100)))
7 (defvar *default-realname* NIL
8 "Either a string or NIL.")
9 (defvar *default-web-browser* #+darwin "/usr/bin/open"
10 ;; assuming a debian system running X:
11 #+linux "/usr/bin/x-www-browser")
12 (defvar *default-sound-player*
13 (or nil
14 #+linux "/usr/bin/ogg123 -")
15 "An external program that can be used to produce sounds.
16 You should set this to be a program that will read from
17 its standard input and produce sounds. See the example
18 value, which is ogg123, configured to read its input from
19 stdin, instead of from a file.")
20 (defvar *sound-for-my-nick* nil
21 "If the NOISEMAKER post-message-hook is enabled, and there
22 is a *default-sound-player* defined, this noise will be
23 played when your nick is mentioned.")
25 (defvar *auto-join-alist* '(("irc.freenode.net" . ("#beirc")))
26 "An alist mapping irc server name to a list of channels to
27 automatically join on connect. Each element should have this
28 format:
29 (\"server-name\" . (\"#channel-name\" \"#channel2\" \"#channel3\"))")
31 (defvar *auto-connect-list*
32 nil
33 "A list of servers (strings) specifying servers to which
34 beirc should automatically connect on startup."
35 )
37 (defvar *auto-identify-list*
38 nil
39 "A list of servers for which BEIRC should automatically execute
40 the identify command on connection.")
43 (defvar *nickserv-password-alist* '()
44 "Default password to send to the NickServ authentication bot")
47 (defvar *beirc-user-init-file* (merge-pathnames (make-pathname :name ".beirc.lisp")
48 (user-homedir-pathname)))
50 (defvar *auto-close-inactive-query-windows-p* nil
51 "Indicates whether beirc automatically closes query windows
52 that were inactive for longer than *max-query-inactive-time*
53 seconds. If set to NIL, beirc doesn't automaticaly close query
54 windows. Closing inactive query windows is still available via
55 /Close Inactive Queries.")
57 (defvar *max-query-inactive-time* 600
58 "Longest time an inactive query window will be kept around by
59 the command /Close Inactive Queries and the automatic query
60 window closing mechanism (see
61 *auto-close-inactive-query-windows-p*).")
63 (defvar *meme-log-bot-nick* "cmeme"
64 "The name of the meme channel log bot")
66 (defvar *filter-colors* nil
67 "If set to non-NIL, filter color, bold, inverse and underline
68 codes from IRC messages.")
70 (defvar *auto-focused-alist* nil
71 "An alist mapping channels to nicks which will be focused by
72 default. Each element should have the following format:
73 (\"#channel-name\" . (\"nick1\" \"nick2\"))")

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