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4.1 Examining frames

Commands for examining the stack frame at point.

M-x sldb-toggle-details
Toggle display of local variables and CATCH tags.
M-x sldb-show-source
View the frame's current source expression. The expression is presented in the Lisp source file's buffer.
M-x sldb-eval-in-frame
Evaluate an expression in the frame. The expression can refer to the available local variables in the frame.
M-x sldb-pprint-eval-in-frame
Evaluate an expression in the frame and pretty-print the result in a temporary buffer.
M-x sldb-disassemble
Disassemble the frame's function. Includes information such as the instruction pointer within the frame.
M-x sldb-inspect-in-frame
Inspect the result of evaluating an expression in the frame.
C-c C-c
M-x sldb-recompile-frame-source
Recompile frame. C-u C-c C-c for recompiling with maximum debug settings.