The email agent for Common Lisp.net

In the past (just before now) cl-net has run with exim4 and mailman, as that is what was setup previously. I do not like them either, so from this point on cl-net's email MX will be setup how I think it should be.

This will likely have some issues with the mailing lists themselves, as mailman to mlmmj is likely not as easy as I hope it is. Regardless, that is what I am doing.

Currently the setup in progress can be seen here : http://alpha.common-lisp.net/email-details.html

13:39 <user> I looked at this page, and see description of
               postgresql setup and some tables
13:39 <user> how it is going to be used?
13:39 <drewc> I have used postgresql as the database behind email
              for like 15 years at this point :)
13:40 <drewc> So, basically, here is how it works :
13:41 <drewc> There are "virtual_user"s that are associated with
              POSIX users with a UID and GID.
13:42 <drewc> Each of the "virtual_user"s also has a
              /home/<username> directory, as they usually do
13:43 <drewc> now, for a lot of things including email, the users
              are associated with a domain, in this sense,
13:43 <drewc> it has  PRIMARY KEY (domain_name, username)  , so one
              domain per user as domain_name is UNIQUE
13:45 <drewc> Then there is "email_address", which really has
              nothing to do with the other two, it is just a place
              to store email addresses.
13:46 <user> as far as I understand, (domain_name, username) may
               have several such pairs for a single user, right?
13:46 <drewc> Finally, what is probably the most important and ties
              it all together is "VIEW maildir"
13:46 <drewc> yup, exactly
13:46 <user> what I asked actually, is what service will be build
               on top of it? mailing lists? or new email accounts
13:47 <drewc> both, it is postfix and dovecot ...  :)
13:47 <drewc> so, for mailing lists, it will be
              http://mlmmj.org/ related
13:48 <drewc> I do not like / have never used mailman, and besides,
              the entire exim4/mailman setup is not something I
              liked, as a part time unix admin.
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