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2009-05-11  John Fremlinadded map-backtrace master
2009-05-10  Gary Kingmoved from darcs
2008-06-21  Gary Kingweb pages
2008-06-10  Gary KingDon't export the time-* accessors defined here
2008-06-07  Gary Kingbump version
2008-06-07  Gary Kings/evaluate/execute/ ... sigh. I make this mistake about...
2008-06-07  Gary KingUse the right style sheet for goodness sack
2008-06-07  Gary Kingclozure common lisp feature
2008-06-05  Gary Kingbump version
2008-06-05  Gary Kingtweaks; handle unhandled Lisps
2008-06-05  Gary KingAdded COPYING
2008-06-03  Gary KingTweak test configuration
2008-06-02  Gary Kingwebsite tweaks and docstrings
2008-06-01  Gary Kingadded and rearranged. Tests, website, etc.
2008-05-31  Gary Kingfirst record
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