Descriptionpuri.git made to build with XCVB
OwnerFrancois-Rene Rideau
Last ChangeFri, 7 May 2010 18:06:16 +0000
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Push URLssh://
2010-05-07  Kevin RosenbergPatch from Edi Weitz to fix parsing of URI like '%25%23' master
2010-04-09  Kevin RosenbergSwitch to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt)
2010-04-09  Kevin RosenbergRelease version 1.5.4
2010-04-09  Ryan DavisCompleted support for 2.4...
2010-04-09  Ryan DavisAdd US-ASCII unprintable control characters to the...
2010-01-28  Kevin Rosenbergfix for absent absolute path (Michael Raskin)
2009-11-11  Kevin Rosenbergadd doc-base
2009-11-11  Kevin RosenbergAutomated commit for debian release 1.5.2-1
2009-11-11  Kevin Rosenbergchange for allegrocl 8.2beta
2009-08-04  Kevin RosenbergConvert to dh-lisp; add Vcs-Browser
2009-08-02  Kevin RosenbergUpdates for new debian standards
2009-08-02  Kevin RosenbergUpdates for new debian standards
2007-08-31  Kevin M. Rosenbergr11859: Canonicalize whitespace
2006-12-02  Kevin M. Rosenbergr11329: update policy #
2006-12-02  Kevin M. Rosenbergr11328: fix printing of unreadable objects
2006-08-15  Kevin M. Rosenbergr11035: Automated commit for puri debian-version-1.5-1
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