2009-11-05  Tobias C RittweilerBah, really fix repository url. master
2009-11-05  Tobias C RittweilerFix download & repository url in documentation. Fix...
2009-10-21  Tobias C RittweilerRemove .fasl files from the tests/ directory.
2009-10-10  Tobias C RittweilerTAG 0.9
2009-09-30  Tobias C RittweilerGet rid of umbrella editor-hints/ directory.
2009-09-30  Tobias C RittweilerFix typo.
2009-09-29  Tobias C Rittweiler* Finished.
2009-09-26  Tobias C RittweilerAdd documentation
2009-09-26  Tobias C RittweilerAdd :FUZE clause; docstring updates.
2009-09-25  Tobias C RittweilerIntroduce DEFINE-API macro.
2009-09-25  Tobias C RittweilerAdd test suite.
2009-09-25  Tobias C RittweilerGetting close to release.
2009-09-21  Tobias C RittweilerMinor fixes.
2009-09-19  Tobias C RittweilerVarious additions.
2009-09-19  Tobias C RittweilerMinor fix.
2009-09-19  Tobias C RittweilerBind SB-EXT:*DERIVE-FUNCTION-TYPES* to T when compiling...
2009-09-19  Tobias C RittweilerAdd :COMMON-LISP as synonym for :STANDARD. Add :MODERN...
2009-09-05  Tobias C RittweilerTwo minor docstring changes.
2009-09-05  Tobias C RittweilerDo not make :EMPTY a preregistered readtable name.
2009-09-05  Tobias C RittweilerWrap PRINT-OBJECT method in cruft.lisp around WITH...
2009-09-05  Tobias C RittweilerAdd :EMPTY readtables.
2009-09-04  Tobias C RittweilerUpdate docstrings.
2009-08-28  Tobias C RittweilerProperly support the newly introduced conditions.
2009-08-28  Tobias C RittweilerFix typo from last READTABLE-NAME commit.
2009-08-28  Tobias C RittweilerPush :NAMED-READTABLE onto *FEATURES*.
2009-08-28  Tobias C RittweilerFix READTABLE-NAME not print :CURRENT when we have...
2009-08-28  Tobias C RittweilerAdd :SYNTAX-FROM clause to DEFREADTABLE.
2009-08-28  Tobias C RittweilerFix off-by-one in Allegro's readtable-iterator implemen...
2009-08-28  Tobias C RittweilerVarious stuff:
2009-08-28  Tobias C RittweilerAdd custom PRINT-OBJECT method for named readtables.
2009-04-27  Tobias C RittweilerOn Allegro, do not produce readtable names like KEYWORD...
2009-04-27  Tobias C RittweilerAdd implementation-dependent readtable iterators for...
2009-04-27  David LichteblauFix the Allegro port.
2009-04-26  Tobias C RittweilerAdd LICENSE file.
2009-04-26  Tobias C RittweilerAdapted from name changes in cruft.lisp.
2009-04-26  Tobias C RittweilerMove SIMPLE-STYLE-WARNING from named-readtables.lisp...
2009-04-26  Tobias C RittweilerAdd dependencies to DEFSYSTEM definition.
2009-04-26  Tobias C RittweilerAdd portable implementation of %MAKE-READTABLE-ITERATOR.
2009-04-26  Tobias C RittweilerReorganize cruft.lisp.
2009-04-24  Tobias C RittweilerMinor cleanup of cruft.lisp; introduce DEFINE-INLINE...
2008-09-28  Stephen CompallPrioritize simple-warning reporter for simple-style...
2008-09-29  Tobias C RittweilerRename destructure-case.lisp to utils.lisp.
2008-09-28  Tobias C RittweilerAdd TODO comment to named-readtables.lisp
2008-09-28  Tobias C RittweilerAdd kludgy support for Slime by using SWANK:*READTABLE...
2008-09-27  Tobias C Rittweiler(:MACRO-CHAR char :DISPATCH non-terminating-p) expands...
2008-09-27  Tobias C RittweilerNamed Readtables are now named by symbols, not string...
2008-09-27  Tobias C RittweilerSignal a style-warning on redefinition of DEFREADTABLE.
2008-09-25  Tobias C RittweilerFix some minor stuff after Stephen's patch.
2008-09-25  Stephen Compallwarn Lisps without a port that one is needed
2008-09-25  Stephen Compallport to Clozure CL
2008-09-23  Tobias C RittweilerAdd support for non-locally hacked SBCL versions.
2008-09-23  Tobias C RittweilerPrettify docstring of DEFREADTABLE.
2008-09-23  Tobias C RittweilerRename MERGE-READTABLES to MERGE-READTABLES-INTO and...
2008-09-23  Tobias C RittweilerFix .asd file.
2008-09-23  Tobias C RittweilerAdd implementation-dependent %WITH-READTABLE-ITERATOR...
2008-09-23  Tobias C RittweilerInitial Revision. Taken from SVN repository.