2011-10-06  attila.lendvaifix deletion of tests master
2011-10-06  attila.lendvaiadded an undefine action to the test inspector
2011-09-10  wallenTAG 2011-09-10-tintas xcvb
2011-08-28  attila.lendvaiTAG 2011-08-28-nafi
2011-04-13  attila.lendvaisome documentation/
2011-04-13  attila.lendvai*test-run-standard-output* is eval'd, so that it doesn...
2011-03-05  attila.lendvaitests fix: don't put the temp test suite in random...
2011-01-31  attila.lendvaifollow hdws/hdp split re doc
2010-11-24  attila.lendvaihousekeeping
2011-01-31  attila.lendvaiTAG 2011-01-31
2010-11-30  attila.lendvaiuse import-all-owned-symbols in test/package.lisp
2010-11-30  attila.lendvaihousekeeping in tests
2010-11-30  attila.lendvaiadded import-all-owned-symbols to deuplicates.lisp
2010-11-10  attila.lendvailabel-value-line in slime must stay minimalistic, so...
2010-11-10  whalliburtonuse the pluralize feature of format.
2010-11-10  attila.lendvaiTAG 2010-11-10-nafi
2010-11-02  attila.lendvaia bit of doc
2010-10-29  Kambiz Darabia tiny bit of documentation
2010-10-15  attila.lendvaithe swank inspector customizations work on slime HEAD...
2010-10-14  attila.lendvairenamed to swank::*inspector-lookup-hooks*
2010-10-15  attila.lendvaideprecate run-child-tests, use -run-child-tests- instea...
2010-10-15  attila.lendvaihousekeeping
2010-10-14  attila.lendvaifix: with-fixture should return the return values of...
2010-10-14  attila.lendvaifollow alexandria package lock: drop ensure-list
2010-09-27  Alexander GavrilovMake with-captured-lexical-environment extensible.
2010-08-02  attila.lendvaiadded extract-test-run-statistics
2010-08-02  levente.meszarosUse default.
2010-06-05  attila.lendvaifactor out call-with-test-handlers
2010-06-05  attila.lendvaiadded with-captured-lexical-environment
2010-06-05  attila.lendvaitests: extend lifecycle test to cover redefinition...
2010-06-05  attila.lendvaifix test redefinition: it used to lose test identity...
2010-06-05  attila.lendvaihouskeeping
2010-05-29  attila.lendvaiadd warning when a with-expected-failures block runs...
2010-05-25  attila.lendvaibah, bind is not available in stefil to lower dependencies
2010-05-24  attila.lendvaiduplicates: copy-paste a smarter defprint-object that...
2010-04-19  attila.lendvaifunction-like-definer is used with :allow-compound...
2010-03-20  Alexander GavrilovFix the def integration for ECL.
2010-03-09  levente.meszarosIntoduce *test-run-standard-output* bound to *standard...
2010-03-09  attila.lendvaifollow def
2010-03-08  levente.meszarosPackage
2010-01-25  attila.lendvaiTODO
2010-01-22  tomas.hlavaty#-allegro unexport fix
2010-01-12  attila.lendvaiadded lightning-talk.lisp
2009-12-30  levente.meszarosReturn test result.
2009-12-15  attila.lendvairenamed to auto-call?
2009-12-15  attila.lendvaiget rid of the bind dependency
2009-12-15  attila.lendvairesolve the -body- issue with hu.dwim.def
2009-12-15  attila.lendvaisplit out tests/fixtures.lisp
2009-12-15  attila.lendvaisplit out asserts.lisp
2009-12-15  attila.lendvaifollow test.lisp split
2009-12-15  attila.lendvaisplit out test.lisp
2009-12-15  attila.lendvaiadded with-expected-failures* that takes a runtime...
2009-12-15  attila.lendvaifollow fixtures refactor
2009-12-15  attila.lendvairefactor fixtures so that they can wrap code bodies...
2009-12-14  attila.lendvaigive hint on what to load for swank integration
2009-12-14  attila.lendvaiget rid of iterate dependency
2009-12-14  attila.lendvaiload swank integration after a develop-op
2009-12-14  attila.lendvaiget rid of anaphora dependency
2009-12-11  attila.lendvaihousekeeping
2009-12-04  attila.lendvaiget rid of a warning
2009-12-04  attila.lendvaias usual: it's always broken, no matter how small it...
2009-12-01  levente.meszarosWhitespace.
2009-12-04  attila.lendvaiblind try to fix load error due to swank:: reference...
2009-12-01  levente.meszarosFollow slime and us swank-backend::emacs-inspect
2009-12-01  levente.meszarosSimplify asd files.
2009-12-01  levente.meszarosAdded :hu.dwim.stefil+hu.dwim.def+swank and integration...
2009-11-30  attila.lendvaifix: 'is changed the semantics of 'if because (not...
2009-11-19  attila.lendvaiuse alexandria for lambda parsing (only partially for...
2009-11-19  attila.lendvaihousekeeping
2009-11-19  attila.lendvaiold tag: 2009-11-19
2009-11-17  attila.lendvaidrop configuration.lisp, drop some dependencies
2009-11-17  attila.lendvaione less dependency. drop hu.dwim.syntax-sugar as the...
2009-11-17  attila.lendvaifix swank *readtable-alist* setup
2009-11-05  attila.lendvaitests
2009-11-05  attila.lendvaihousekeeping
2009-11-05  attila.lendvaismarter with-expected-failures macro: installs a contin...
2009-11-05  attila.lendvaifix finishes thinko
2009-10-30  attila.lendvaifix the number of failed assertions: it was missing...
2009-10-30  attila.lendvaihousekeeping, drop in-root-suite
2009-10-30  attila.lendvaiadded not-signals
2009-10-30  attila.lendvaisome tests
2009-10-20  levente.meszarosFollow hu.dwim.common split
2009-10-20  levente.meszarosFix docu
2009-10-20  levente.meszarosFollow hu.dwim.common-lisp renaming.
2009-10-20  levente.meszarosDocumentation.
2009-10-09  levente.meszarosFollow logger
2009-09-24  attila.lendvaidrop the locally block that was muffling compiler notes...
2009-09-22  levente.meszarosEliminate some duplicates.
2009-09-22  levente.meszarosGet rid of aif, awhen, aprog1 we're using anaphora.
2009-09-21  attila.lendvairevive slime inspector customizations (only on our...
2009-09-08  levente.meszarosIn package hu.dwim.asdf
2009-08-14  levente.meszarosRefactor for
2009-07-15  attila.lendvaifix swank incompatibility re swank::*sldb-quit-restart...
2009-03-19  attila.lendvaismall change to in-suite/defsuite
2009-03-19  attila.lendvaidisable slime inspector customizations on the non-dwim...
2008-11-27  attila.lendvaiTAG 2008-11-27
2008-10-05  attila.lendvaismall style changes in self-tests.lisp
2008-09-21  attila.lendvaierror report printing smartness: don't print failure...
2008-09-20  attila.lendvaimore info in the test result's print-object
2008-09-19  attila.lendvaiadded restarts to separately disable failed assertion...