2012-12-28  Hans Huebnerrelease 1.3.0 master v1.3.0
2012-12-28  Hans Huebnerautomatically get doc version number from asdf
2012-12-28  Hans HuebnerUpdate CHANGELOG
2012-12-28  Hans Huebnerupdate html docs
2012-12-28  Hans Huebneropen external links in new window
2012-12-28  Hans Huebnerchange :want-stream example to demonstrate json stream...
2012-12-28  Hans Huebneradd html documentation
2012-12-28  Hans Huebnerimprove json request example
2012-12-28  Hans Huebneruse JSON for binary data request sample
2012-12-27  Hans Huebnerimprove docstring slightly
2012-12-27  Hans HuebnerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-12-27  Hans Huebnerupdate html documentation
2012-12-25  Hans HübnerMerge pull request #26 from orivej/single-docstring
2012-12-25  Orivej DeshFix quotation marks inside strings.
2012-12-10  Hans Huebnerlink from examples to documentation
2012-12-10  Hans Huebnerhighlight relevant headers in examples, enumerate retur...
2012-12-09  Hans Huebnertry to improve HTTP-REQUEST function display
2012-12-09  Hans Huebnermore doc tweaks
2012-12-09  Hans Huebneradjust filling
2012-12-09  Hans Huebnerchange ppcre: to cl-ppcre:
2012-12-09  Hans Huebnerelide quickload output
2012-12-09  Hans Huebnerupdate html documentation
2012-12-09  Hans Huebneroverhaul documentation and docstrings
2012-12-09  Hans Huebnerfix typo
2012-12-09  Hans Huebnermore realistic quickload output
2012-12-09  Hans Huebnermore documentation updates
2012-12-09  Hans Huebnerimprove color coding of examples
2012-12-09  Hans Huebnerbegin xmlifying documentation
2012-12-08  Hans HübnerMerge pull request #23 from orivej/master
2012-12-08  Orivej DeshPARAMETERS are ignored in GET redirect because of PRESE...
2012-12-08  Orivej DeshFix url-encoder.
2012-12-08  Hans Huebnerdo not re-send parameters when redirecting to GET from...
2012-12-08  Hans HuebnerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-12-08  Hans Huebneradd url-encoder argument to http-request (#21)
2012-12-07  Orivej DeshUpdate HTML documentation.
2012-12-07  Orivej DeshRedirect HTTP 302 and 303 using a GET method.
2012-10-18  Hans Huebnerrelease 1.2.9 v1.2.9
2012-10-18  Hans Huebnerupdate CHANGELOG and version numbers
2012-10-18  llibrafix handling of Content-Length
2012-10-18  Hans Huebnerupdate CHANGELOG
2012-09-13  Orivej DeshUpdate documentation for REAL-HOST keyword of HTTP...
2012-09-13  Orivej DeshAdd REAL-HOST keyword to HTTP-REQUEST.
2012-09-12  Hans Huebnerrelease 1.2.8 v1.2.8
2012-09-12  Hans Huebnerbump version number
2012-09-12  Hans Huebnerupdate changelog
2012-09-12  Hans HübnerMerge pull request #16 from llibra/master
2012-09-12  Manabu Takayamafix the computation of Content-Length
2012-08-16  Hans Huebnerrelease 1.2.7 v1.2.7
2012-08-16  Hans Huebnerupdates for v1.2.7
2012-08-16  Hans Huebnerrename CHANGELOG.txt -> CHANGELOG for
2012-08-16  Hans HuebnerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-08-01  Hans HübnerMerge pull request #14 from simpleprogrammer/master
2012-07-11  Jürgen Bickertpreserve-uri when following redirect, so query paramete...
2012-03-17  Hans HuebnerMerge /Users/hans/mcna/emerald/lib/drakma
2012-03-17  Hans Huebnerupdate changelog
2012-03-17  Hans HuebnerMerge /Users/hans/mcna/emerald/lib/drakma
2012-03-17  Hans Huebnermake preserve-uri work better
2012-03-07  Hans Huebnerupdate changelog for :REPORT
2012-03-06  Cyrus Harmonupdated docstring and doc html to reflect REPORT reques...
2012-03-05  Cyrus Harmonsupport form-data for :REPORT requests too
2012-03-05  Cyrus Harmonadd :report to the list of +known-methods+
2012-03-04  Hans HuebnerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-03  Hans Huebnerrelease 1.2.6 v1.2.6
2012-03-03  Hans Huebnerupdate CHANGELOG.txt
2012-03-03  Hans HübnerMerge pull request #9 from fvides/master
2012-03-03  Hans HuebnerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-03  Hans Huebnerexport url-encode, fixes #8
2012-02-29  Francisco Vides... Modified enabled http-request connection-timeout parame...
2012-02-14  Hans HübnerMerge pull request #7 from lokedhs/master
2012-02-14  Elias MårtensonFurther small update to the documentation to keep index...
2012-02-14  Elias MårtensonUpdates to the documentation.
2012-02-14  Elias MårtensonAdd the PRESERVE-URI parameter to the HTTP-REQUEST...
2012-02-13  Hans Huebnerupdate CHANGELOG
2012-02-13  Hans Huebnerfix Range header syntax to conform to rfc2616 (sec...
2012-02-02  Hans HuebnerFix repostory location
2012-01-31  Hans Huebnerrelease 1.2.5 v1.2.5
2012-01-31  Hans Huebnerremove references to specific library versions
2012-01-26  Hans Huebnerremove split-string function and use cl-ppcre:split...
2012-01-26  Hans Huebnerupdate for cl-ppcre:split change, remove non-ascii...
2012-01-20  Hans HuebnerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-01-20  Hans Huebneruse :nodelay :if-supported, thanks to Anton Vodonosov
2012-01-14  Rob BlackwellFixed typo for client certificates
2012-01-11  Hans Huebnerdon't use ignore-errors around parse-integer
2011-12-23  Hans HübnerAdd :description to drakma.asd
2011-10-01  Hans Huebnerremove spurious warning on non-acl lisps
2011-08-31  Hans Huebnerupdate CHANGELOG.txt
2011-08-31  Hans HuebnerSSL certificate verification changes
2011-08-31  ediPrepare for 1.2.4 release
2011-08-31  ediURL-encoding problem
2011-08-31  ediCosmetics
2011-02-07  hanssupport Range: header to retrieve partial resources
2011-01-21  ediHandling of :filename
2010-10-12  edi:drakma-no-ssl
2010-09-28  ediDon't funcall keywords
2010-08-24  ediBKNR again
2010-08-05  edi1.2.3
2010-07-12  ediChangelog
2010-07-12  ediFix typo in docs
2010-07-10  ediPrepare for 1.2.2 release
2010-07-10  hansDo not send the fragment in the HTTP request (tools...