2013-02-18  Hans Huebnerrelease 0.7.1 master v0.7.1
2013-02-18  Hans Huebnerupdate CHANGELOG, bump version
2013-02-18  Hans Huebneradd :description (fixes #1)
2013-02-18  Hans HuebnerFix for LispWorks (less specific handler-case) (fixes #5)
2013-01-23  Hans Huebnerrelease 0.7.0 v0.7.0
2013-01-23  Hans Huebnerprepare release
2012-11-21  Hans HübnerMerge pull request #4 from segv/segvs-utils
2012-11-21  Marco BaringerFixed bug in merge-pathnames-as-directory (and added...
2012-11-21  Marco BaringerMoved the cl-fad-test package definition into its own...
2012-11-21  Marco BaringerMerge in code (and tests and docs) from temporary-files
2012-11-21  Marco BaringerReordered documentation sections so that functions...
2012-11-21  Marco BaringerAdded LICENSE file
2012-11-20  Marco BaringerAdded documentation for new functions and the path...
2012-11-20  Marco BaringerRemoved function pathname-sans-directory-pathname since...
2012-11-20  Marco BaringerAdded various utility functions for manipulating pathna...
2011-05-30  Edi WeitzMake argument ignorable
2011-05-25  Edi WeitzSymlink behavior
2010-11-18  Edi WeitzFor 0.6.4 release
2009-09-30  Edi WeitzUpdate to 0.6.3
2009-04-12  Hans Huebnermore version number removals