2010-05-28  avodonosovrollback unnecessary DLL name change on Windows: libssl... master
2010-05-25  avodonosovdescribed the recent changes in the News secion of...
2010-05-25  avodonosovminor fix in the READ-DEADLINE test for CCL: added...
2010-05-25  avodonosovAdded CCL test for the READ-CHAR-NO-HANG. Mail thread...
2010-05-23  avodonosovTwo LISTEN bugs:
2010-05-23  avodonosovOpenSSL for windows version 1.0.0 changed .ddl file...
2009-10-24  avodonosovXCVB support (by Fare <>)
2009-09-16  avodonosovfix libssl loading on FreeBSD 7.2 (by Stian Sletner...
2009-04-09  hhubnerCompile fix for CCL on Windows.
2009-01-22  avodonosovpass socket stream instead of socket to cl+ssl functions
2009-01-18  avodonosovminor fomatting fix: tab instead of spaces
2009-01-18  avodonosovExplicitly specify newline conversions for SSL streams...
2009-01-18  avodonosovMake test-https-server working on CCL. Thanks to John...
2008-11-04  avodonosovmore secure initialization of OpenSSL random number...
2008-11-03  avodonosovformatting fix
2008-11-03  avodonosovindex.html: back to iso-8859-1
2008-11-03  avodonosovadd utf-8 charset declaration to the index.html
2008-11-03  avodonosovCertificate chains support, thanks to Juhani Rankimies
2008-11-03  avodonosovbetter formatting/comments
2008-11-03  avodonosovSupport for encrypted keys, thanks to Vsevolod Dyomkin.
2008-11-03  avodonosovformatting fix
2008-11-01  avodonosovrollback previous change (marking ECL as supported...
2008-11-01  avodonosovmark ECL as working in the docs
2008-11-01  avodonosovfix anonymous CVS shell command in docs
2008-11-01  avodonosovnative buffer and lisp vector.
2008-11-01  avodonosovCLISP compilation error suggested by Luis Oliveira...
2008-10-27  hhubnerPatch so to support sbcl on win32 from Anton Vodonosov.
2008-04-17  hhubnerPut optimization declarations into (eval-when (:compile...
2008-04-17  hhubnerFix error reporting
2008-03-07  dlichteblauupdated documented for new argument UNWRAP-STREAM-P...
2008-03-07  dlichteblaunew file: automatic tests
2008-03-07  dlichteblaumoved manual tests to example.lisp
2008-03-07  dlichteblauImplemented I/O deadline support for Clozure CL and...
2007-12-21  dlichteblauFor now, loop without sleeping.
2007-11-27  charmon* add libssl.dylib for darwin foreign library path
2007-07-14  dlichteblau+ Fixed windows support, thanks to Matthew Kenned...
2007-07-07  dlichteblaufixed the description of stream-fd
2007-07-07  dlichteblauNew keyword argument <tt>close-callback</tt>.
2007-07-07  dlichteblau+ Re-introduced support for direct access to...
2007-07-07  dlichteblauclient cert support by pixel
2007-07-07  dlichteblauclisp patch by Pixel // pinterface
2007-01-16  dlichteblauChange to MIT-style license.
2006-11-18  dlichteblauPatch by Lu\355s Oliveira, slightly tweaked
2006-11-18  dlichteblauremoved my address
2006-09-04  dlichteblauDefault to "libssl32.dll" on Windows (thanks to Edi...
2005-12-13  dlichteblauupgrade to current cffi (thanks to Jan Idzikowski)
2005-12-04  dlichteblauLisp-LGPL
2005-11-25  dlichteblautarball link
2005-11-25  dlichteblaustream-element-type implementiert
2005-11-25  dlichteblau* flexi-streams benutzen
2005-11-16  dlichteblaustream-write-sequence fix, thanks to erik enge
2005-11-16  dlichteblaureload function
2005-11-09  dlichteblauInitial revision