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2012-04-26  Nikodemus Siivolatweak EXTREMUM master
2012-04-25  Nikodemus Siivolaadd EXTREMUM
2012-04-22  Nikodemus Siivolauntabify tests
2012-04-22  Nikodemus Siivolaadjust tests
2012-03-30  Nikodemus Siivolacopy-stream: fix non-standard loops
2012-03-30  Nikodemus Siivolaclarify SHUFFLE docstring
2012-03-30  Nikodemus SiivolaRevert "generic MEAN and MEDIAN, new function DISPLACE...
2012-03-07  Zach BeaneFix COPY-STREAM when called without an explicit END...
2012-03-02  Attila LendvaiAdded support for copy-stream for START and END keyword...
2012-01-20  tpappgeneric MEAN and MEDIAN, new function DISPLACE-ARRAY
2012-01-20  Jyrki Jaakkolamake Alexandria work with readtable-case :INVERT
2012-01-20  Ryan Davisconvert ENSURE-GETHASH into a macro
2011-11-09  Jianshi HuangSHUFFLE on non-lists did not respect :START and :END
2011-11-02  Nikodemus Siivolabeef up the README a bit
2011-11-02  James M. Lawrencefix bug in CURRY compiler-macro
2011-10-29  Antonydeclare LAST ignorable in PROPER-LIST-LENGTH and friends
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