2012-04-26  Nikodemus Siivolatweak EXTREMUM master
2012-04-25  Nikodemus Siivolaadd EXTREMUM
2012-04-22  Nikodemus Siivolauntabify tests
2012-04-22  Nikodemus Siivolaadjust tests
2012-03-30  Nikodemus Siivolacopy-stream: fix non-standard loops
2012-03-30  Nikodemus Siivolaclarify SHUFFLE docstring
2012-03-30  Nikodemus SiivolaRevert "generic MEAN and MEDIAN, new function DISPLACE...
2012-03-07  Zach BeaneFix COPY-STREAM when called without an explicit END...
2012-03-02  Attila LendvaiAdded support for copy-stream for START and END keyword...
2012-01-20  tpappgeneric MEAN and MEDIAN, new function DISPLACE-ARRAY
2012-01-20  Jyrki Jaakkolamake Alexandria work with readtable-case :INVERT
2012-01-20  Ryan Davisconvert ENSURE-GETHASH into a macro
2011-11-09  Jianshi HuangSHUFFLE on non-lists did not respect :START and :END
2011-11-02  Nikodemus Siivolabeef up the README a bit
2011-11-02  James M. Lawrencefix bug in CURRY compiler-macro
2011-10-29  Antonydeclare LAST ignorable in PROPER-LIST-LENGTH and friends
2011-10-29  Mason Smithimproved -- well, fixed -- SUBFACTORIAL
2011-10-29  Svante Carl... improved COPY-ARRAY
2011-10-29  Anton Kovalenkofix edge-case in CIRCULAR-TREE-P
2011-05-12  Nikodemus Siivolaadd :description and :long-description to .asd
2011-03-06  Nikodemus Siivolamore error-checking in RANDOM-ELT
2011-03-06  Nikodemus Siivolamissing final punctuation in a docstring
2011-03-06  Nikodemus Siivolaclarify INLINE/NOTINLINE issue with compiler-macros
2010-10-13  Nikodemus Siivoladuh. use the right feature check for package-locks...
2010-10-13  Nikodemus SiivolaMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-13  Nikodemus Siivolalock the package on SBCL
2010-10-08  Attila Lendvaicopy-sequence returns the number of bytes written
2010-09-23  Nikodemus Siivolaoptimizations to BINOMIAL-COEFFICIENT and COUNT-PERMUATIONS
2010-09-23  Nikodemus SiivolaDESTRUCTURING-CASE & friends in the manual
2010-09-23  Nikodemus Siivolanew: DESTRUCTURING-CASE, -CCASE, and -ECASE
2010-09-23  Nikodemus Siivolaadded .gitignore -files
2010-09-23  Andreas FuchsSupport case-sensitive lisps.
2010-04-11  Attila Lendvaisimple-style-warning & co: better compatibility with ccl
2010-04-05  Nikodemus Siivolabetter docstring for MULTIPLE-VALUE-PROG2, a few more...
2010-04-04  Nikodemus Siivoladoc/Makefile tweak
2010-04-04  Nikodemus Siivoladocument ENSURE-FUNCTIONF
2010-03-23  Nikodemus Siivoladocumentation baby-steps
2010-03-09  Nikodemus Siivoladocumentation updates
2010-03-09  Nikodemus Siivolacopy docstrings.lisp from SBCL
2010-03-09  Nikodemus Siivolaminimal README
2010-03-09  Nikodemus Siivolamissing earmuff in tests.lisp
2010-03-09  Nikodemus Siivolafaster WHICHEVER
2010-03-09  Nikodemus Siivolarobuster docstring generation
2010-02-17  Attila Lendvaifix: assoc-value setter now always returns the new...
2010-02-12  Attila Lendvairewrite assoc-value to look up the alist entry only...
2010-02-12  Attila Lendvaiadded a minimal assoc-value test
2010-02-12  Attila Lendvaifix: (push (assoc-value ... :test 'foo) ...) ignored...
2010-01-09  Attila Lendvaiadd &rest args to UNIONF and NUNIONF to support the...
2009-12-04  Attila Lendvaifix: parse-ordinary-lambda-list was normalizing keyword...
2009-11-25  Attila Lendvaiadd assoc-value and rassoc-value to the experimental...
2009-11-25  Attila Lendvaiadded assoc-value (written by John Fremlin)
2009-11-01  Kilian SprotteFixed conjoin single predicate bug; more tests
2009-10-30  Attila Lendvaicopy-pastable goodie in the docstring of parse-ordinary...
2009-10-30  Attila Lendvaiadded :allow-specializers to parse-ordinary-lambda...
2009-09-28  Attila Lendvaiparse-ordinary-lambda-list: make normalization customiz...
2009-10-09  Faré Rideaureorder definitions to get rid of a warning about not...
2009-09-28  Attila Lendvaifix: drop a leftover break from parse-ordinary-lambda...
2009-09-28  Attila Lendvaifix: in parse-ordinary-lambda-list normalize &aux speci...
2009-09-16  Johan Ur Riisefix median
2009-03-24  Attila Lendvaiadded read-file-into-byte-vector and write-byte-vector...
2008-12-05  Attila Lendvaiadded (unexported) with-open-file* to io.lisp, use...
2008-11-16  Attila Lendvaiadded ensure-functionf
2008-11-23  Attila Lendvainil external-format means the default for functions...
2008-11-23  Attila Lendvaiuse ensure-function at one more place
2008-11-23  Attila Lendvaifix force-output/finish-output thinko in io.lisp
2008-10-27  Attila Lendvaiuse &key's in copy-stream just like the other io functi...
2008-09-07  Attila Lendvaiadded reversef and nreversef
2008-07-27  Luis Oliveiraamend COPY-SEQUENCE.1
2008-07-27  Luis Oliveiratests: mark CLISP failures
2008-07-27  Luis Oliveiratests: define and use ERRORP
2008-07-27  Luis OliveiraSmall fix to COPY-HASH-TABLE
2008-07-27  Luis OliveiraDefine an alexandria-tests ASDF system.
2008-07-27  Luis OliveiraNew macro: MULTIPLE-VALUE-PROG2
2008-08-01  Nikodemus SiivolaPROPER-LIST-LENGTH and related changes
2008-06-11  Tobias C. RittweilerAdd AUTHORS file.
2008-06-07  Tobias C. RittweilerUNWIND-PROTECT-CASE docstring update
2008-07-07  Nikodemus Siivolaexplicitly export the CDR5 types from DEFPACKAGE
2008-07-07  Nikodemus Siivolaimplement MAKE-GENSYM, use similar logic in MAKE-GENSYM...
2008-07-07  Nikodemus Siivolaimplement PARSE-ORDINARY-LAMBDA-LIST
2008-07-07  Nikodemus Siivolaimplement SIMPLE-PROGRAM-ERROR
2008-06-23  Levente MeszarosDefault value for external-format
2008-06-04  Attila Lendvaiadded symbolicate
2008-06-02  Attila Lendvaiadded io.lisp with a few utils:
2008-06-02  Nikodemus Siivolatype in WHEN-LET* docstring
2008-06-02  Nikodemus Siivolaextended WITH-GENSYMS documentation
2008-06-02  Nikodemus Siivolaadditional restart for DEFINE-CONSTANT
2008-06-02  Nikodemus Siivolamove EXTRACT-FUNCTION-NAME to control-flow.lisp
2008-06-02  Nikodemus Siivolabetter lambda-list for IF-LET, thanks to Tobias Ritterw...
2008-05-31  Nikodemus SiivolaWHEN-LET* short circuits, IF-LET* deleted
2008-06-01  Tobias C. Rittweileralexandria-functions-really-shutup-notes.diff
2008-06-01  Tobias C. Rittweileralexandria-functions-shutup-opt-notes.diff
2008-06-01  Tobias C. Rittweileralexandria-more-concrete-proper-list-type.diff
2008-06-01  Tobias C. Rittweileralexandria.asd-fixup.diff
2008-06-01  Attila LendvaiUse #+sbcl's simple-reader-error to get an error report...
2008-05-29  Nikodemus Siivolafix MAP-PERMUTATIONS
2008-04-27  Attila Lendvaiadded simple-parse-error
2008-04-10  Attila LendvaiAdded length
2008-04-01  Attila LendvaiFix some glitches with simple-reader-error and add...
2008-03-27  Attila LendvaiAdded simple-reader-error
2008-03-11  Tobias C. Rittweileralexandria-export-unwind-protect-case.diff