DescriptionAn OS interface for POSIX-like systems.
OwnerNikodemus Siivola
Last ChangeThu, 18 Jul 2013 11:50:26 +0000
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2013-07-18  Stelian IonescuAdd ASDF metadata master
2012-03-30  Nicolas Martyanofffix mapdir tests
2012-03-30  Nicolas Martyanofffix isatty test name, there's already a test name isatty.1
2012-03-30  Nikodemus SiivolaOpenBSD support
2012-03-30  Nikodemus Siivolatests: Clisp has POSIX:UID, not POSIX:GETUID
2012-03-30  Robert BrownAdd support for the Linux system call gettid(), which...
2011-05-28  Nikodemus Siivolaosicat-posix: isatty test
2011-05-28  Nikodemus Siivolamore comprehensive .gitignore
2011-05-28  Nikodemus Siivolamissing exports for a bunch of terminal stuff
2011-05-28  Nikodemus Siivolaadd cflag-vstatus and posix-vdisable
2011-05-28  Robert BrownAdd support for Posix interval timers
2011-04-29  Nikodemus Siivolaosicat-posix: export WINSIZE and its slots
2010-04-05  Luís OliveiraAdd syscall info to posix errors.
2010-04-05  Nikodemus Siivolause CL:CASE instead of ALEXANDRIA:SWITCH
2010-03-14  Nikodemus Siivolatypo: s/TCSAFNOW/TCSANOW/
2009-12-22  Nikodemus Siivolaadd VDSUSP to termios constants
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