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Last ChangeTue, 6 Apr 2010 22:59:14 +0000
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2010-04-06  Zach BeaneMake 1.1.3 release. master release-1.1.3
2010-04-06  Zach BeaneFix asdf:oos docs example line, reported by adeht.
2009-10-05  Zach BeaneUpdates for 1.1.2 release. release-1.1.2
2009-10-05  Zach BeaneFixes for CloudFront API changes.
2009-09-14  Zach BeaneImprove make-post-policy:
2009-03-05  Zach BeaneSync release numbers. relase-1.1.1 release-1.1.1
2009-03-05  Zach BeaneUpdate README with CloudFront info release-1.1.0
2009-03-05  Zach Beane- Add a light distribution test
2009-03-05  Zach BeaneFix version.
2009-03-05  Zach BeaneAllow use of strings as keys in PARAMETERS-ALIST; some...
2009-03-05  Zach BeaneFix for puri-canonicalized-path.
2009-03-05  Zach Beane- Fix canonicalization of CNAMES parameter
2009-03-05  Zach BeaneAdd test for subresources.
2009-03-05  Zach BeaneFirst pass at CloudFront documentation updates.
2009-03-05  Zach Beane- Reverse the order of arguments for ENSURE-CNAME and...
2009-03-05  Zach Beane1.0.8 release updates release-1.0.8
4 years ago release-1.1.3
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