2008-09-17  Zach Beane- Add acknowledgements section and thank Patrick Stein master release-1.2
2008-09-17  Zach BeaneUpdates for new release
2008-09-17  Zach Beane- Minor updates to the Zach style
2008-09-17  Zach Beane- Add trailing newline
2008-09-17  Zach BeaneMerge
2008-09-16  Patrick SteinAdded pixel-streamed-png class, supporting functions...
2008-07-14  Zach BeaneActually export ROW-DATA and add it to the TOC in the...
2008-07-09  Zach BeaneThis is getting fucking ridiculous. release-1.1.3
2008-07-09  Zach BeaneIntegrate conditions into the defsystem release-1.1.1 release-1.1.2
2008-07-09  Zach BeaneBump versions and dates for release release-1.1.0
2008-07-09  Zach BeaneAdd COPY-PNG and PNG=
2008-07-09  Zach BeaneFirst cut at row-at-a-time streamed PNGs.
2008-07-08  Zach BeaneSignal error on invalid PNG dimensions
2008-07-07  Zach BeaneSignal error on invalid PNG dimensions
2008-01-16  Zach BeaneFix a UL that should be a LI in the TOC.
2008-01-03  Zach BeanePrep for 1.0.1 release. release-1-0-1
2008-01-03  Zach BeaneAdd more conditions to when the image-data slot is...
2008-01-03  Zach BeaneDocument WRITE-PNG and WRITE-PNG-STREAM (thanks, housel)
2008-01-01  Zach BeaneDocumentation updates. release-1-0
2008-01-01  Zach BeaneFix data-array definition.
2008-01-01  Zach BeaneExtra files needed for mandelbrot example.
2008-01-01  Zach BeaneFirst cut at docs.
2007-12-31  Zach BeaneAdd DATA-ARRAY function.
2007-12-31  Zach BeaneUse new interface to WITH-COMPRESSOR in png.lisp.
2007-12-31  Zach BeaneRename SAMPLES/PIXEL to SAMPLES-PER-PIXEL.
2007-12-23  Zachary BeaneAdd version number to ASD file.
2007-12-23  Zachary BeaneAdd ASD file.
2007-12-23  Zachary BeaneMake the initial element of the automatically created...
2007-12-23  Zachary BeaneSubstantial restructuring
2007-12-21  Zach BeaneInitial commit