2009-06-12  Zach BeaneUpdates for version 2.0.7 master release-2.0.7
2009-06-12  Zach Beane- Expand type of LENGTH
2009-03-12  Zach BeanePrep for 2.0.6 release release-2.0.6
2009-03-12  Zach Beane- Expand integer sizes in type declarations for the...
2008-11-10  Zach Beane- Bump versions for release release-2.0.5
2008-11-10  Zach Beane- adler32 also depends on types
2008-07-09  Zach BeaneFix a few ASD dependency problems release-2.0.4
2008-07-09  Zach BeaneMerge branch 'master' of
2008-07-07  Zach BeaneNote "crc32" dependence on "types"
2008-06-19  Zach BeaneFix CMF+FLG glitch; CINFO should be 7, not 0. release-2.0.3
2008-06-19  Zach BeaneFix CMF+FLG glitch; CINFO should be 7, not 0.
2008-06-17  Zach BeaneFix end-of-buffer error on merge-octet. release-2.0.2
2008-01-02  Zach BeaneNote 2.0.1 release in system and documentation. release-2-0-1
2008-01-02  Zach BeaneWhen changing the bitstream callback, reinitialize...
2008-01-01  Zach BeaneNote the release date of January 1. release-1-0 release-2-0
2008-01-01  Zach BeaneA few documentation cleanups.
2008-01-01  Zach BeaneFix a few references in the docs.
2007-12-31  Zach BeaneRemove dtrace.
2007-12-31  Zach Beane- Remove dtrace
2007-12-31  Zach BeaneFixups and clarifications.
2007-12-31  Zach BeaneAdd TOC.
2007-12-30  Zach BeaneAccept initargs in COMPRESS-DATA.
2007-12-29  Zach BeaneExport MAKE-STREAM-OUTPUT-CALLBACK.
2007-12-29  Zach BeaneRemove one-offs for compressing octet vectors with...
2007-12-29  Zach Beane- Remove superfluous SALZA2::
2007-12-29  Zach BeaneAdd reset.lisp
2007-12-29  Zach BeaneAdd and use MAKE-STREAM-OUTPUT-CALLBACK.
2007-12-29  Zach BeaneRemove (well, greatly increase) input limits for checks...
2007-12-29  Zach BeaneUpdate WITH-COMPRESSOR to accept arbitrary initargs.
2007-12-29  Zach BeaneMore documentation cleanups.
2007-12-28  Zach BeaneMajor documentation updates
2007-12-28  Zach BeaneHide the bitstream details internally and externally.
2007-12-27  Zach Beane+HASHES-SIZE+ is 8191, not 8209
2007-12-27  Zach BeaneAdd RESET generic function and implementation methods.
2007-12-27  Zach BeaneAdd "specials" as a requirement for "compressor"
2007-12-24  Zach BeaneTemp stuff
2007-12-24  Zach BeaneAdd license.
2007-12-23  Zach BeaneMove WITH-COMPRESSOR into compressor.lisp
2007-12-23  Zachary BeaneAdded documentation start.
2007-12-23  Zachary BeaneRemove unneeded compressor-level byte writer.
2007-12-23  Zachary BeaneAdd version number to ASD file.
2007-12-21  Zach BeaneMove *crc32-table* into crc32.lisp from specials.lisp
2007-12-21  Zach BeaneUpdate documentation for gzip constants and use octet...
2007-12-21  Zach Beaneoutput.lisp is obsolete, removed.
2007-12-21  Zach BeaneAdd license comment header to all files.
2007-12-21  Zach BeaneInitial import. ls