2009-06-13  Cyrus Harmonremove test change. master
2008-09-06  Cyrus HarmonMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2008-07-08  Cyrus Harmondepend on cxml instead of xmls now.
2008-02-10  Cyrus Harmonwhat does this do?
2008-02-03  slyclsr 0.1.11 origin
2007-12-23  slyclsr 0.1.10
2007-12-23  slyclsr 0.1.9
2007-12-23  slyclsr 0.1.8
2007-11-15  slyclsr 0.1.7
2007-11-05  slyclsr 0.1.6
2007-11-05  slyclsr 0.1.5
2007-11-05  slyclsr 0.1.4
2007-01-21  slyclsr 0.1.3
2006-05-16  sly* checkpointing before I go and break some stuff
2006-04-08  sly * added tinaa docs
2006-04-05  sly * bump version number
2006-03-03  slychecking in changes to send a tarball to AJ Rosinni
2006-01-26  slyadd some make-lisp-xxx-ref-lambda tests
2006-01-26  slyadd a few exports :object-registry, :register-object...
2006-01-26  slyadd load-clsr-r-source-files function
2006-01-26  slyadd
2006-01-24  slyremove *r-lib-directory* parameter
2006-01-06  slylatest batch of CLSR changes. still trying to figure...
2005-12-01  sly* adding some minimal error checking to the callback...
2005-12-01  slymoved clsr-init up before loading tests.
2005-12-01  slymore fun with element-wise vector multiplies. now accep...
2005-11-30  slyelement-wise vector multiply test
2005-11-30  slyr-sxp-class -> r-sxp-proxy-class
2005-11-30  slyfirst callbacks working
2005-11-30  slymoved r-error into
2005-11-30  slyremoved outdated file.
2005-11-18  slyremoved dup test
2005-11-18  sly* fixed putenv to use a c-string not a foreign string
2005-11-18  slyinteger -> sb-alien:int in sb-alien to get a 32-bit...
2005-11-18  slydirectory changes for x86-64 and x86 (x86 is untested)
2005-11-17  slyadded copyright file
2005-11-17  slymore tests. this time with some basic bioc stuff.
2005-11-16  sly* Cleaning up sexp-conversion functions
2005-10-28  slymore fixes to get the dso building properly
2005-10-28  slymaking clsr work under the new ch-asdf asdf regime
2005-09-30  sly... use full absolute path for -I includes in gccxml
2005-09-27  slyfixing dependencies
2005-09-24  slymoved things around again.
2005-09-24  slyinitial env stuff
2005-09-24  slyknow properly compiles the clsr C code into a .so and...
2005-09-24  slylook for the clsr library in the new place.
2005-09-24  slyuse new type declarations and new complex number conver...
2005-09-24  slyadded lots of documentation and initial pass at dealing...
2005-09-24  slyAdded r-sexp and r-complex type declarations
2005-09-24  slyremoving the autotools stuff
2005-09-23  slyAdded ChangeLog
2005-09-23  slyremoving this file as stuff has been moved elsewhere.
2005-09-23  slyforgot to add this file.
2005-09-23  slyLots of goodies.
2005-09-23  slycheckpoint matrix conversion routines.
2005-09-23  slycheckpoint the working tryEval stuff before I go break...
2005-09-22  slycommitting before I add in the tryEval stuff.
2005-09-17  slykeep hardcoded paths in only one place
2005-09-12  slyadding clsr files