2008-02-24  Stelian IonescuStarted CLHS-like docs. clhsdoc
2008-02-23  Stelian IonescuMoving some files.
2008-02-22  Stelian IonescuFix typo.
2008-02-18  Stelian IonescuINET-ADDRESS-PRIVATE-P now returns the class of the...
2008-02-18  Stelian IonescuAdd INET-ADDRESS-NETWORK-CLASS.
2008-02-18  Stelian IonescuAdd INET- prefix to ADDRESS-NETWORK-PORTION, ADDRESS...
2008-02-18  Stelian IonescuAdd reader macro for literal INET addresses.
2008-02-18  Stelian IonescuFix dependency list of address-arithmetic.lisp .
2008-02-17  Stelian IonescuAdd and export utility functions for IPv4 networks...
2008-02-17  Stelian IonescuRename +DEFAULT-HOST+ to +ANY-HOST+ and add +LOOPBACK+ .
2008-02-17  Stelian IonescuFix for FreeBSD: sendto() wants the actual size of...
2008-02-16  Stelian IonescuMinor refactoring of SEND-TO internals.
2008-02-16  Stelian IonescuMinor refactoring of RECEIVE-FROM internals.
2008-02-16  Stelian IonescuAdd restarts IGNORE and CONTINUE to SEND-TO.
2008-02-16  Stelian IonescuFix comment.
2008-02-16  Stelian IonescuAdd restarts IGNORE and CONTINUE to RECEIVE-FROM.
2008-02-16  Stelian IonescuAdd &ALLOW-OTHER-KEYS to the lambda list of compiler...
2008-02-14  Stelian IonescuCosmetic change.
2008-02-14  Stelian IonescuFix spelling.
2008-02-14  Stelian IonescuMake it possible to specify the test in MULTIPLE-VALUE...
2008-02-12  Attila LendvaiAdd INET-ADDRESS-PRIVATE-P.
2008-02-11  Stelian IonescuAllow strings as buffers to RECEIVE-FROM.
2008-02-11  Stelian IonescuFix %NORMALIZE-SEND-BUFFER with string buffers.
2008-02-11  Stelian IonescuSmall improvement in %NORMALIZE-SEND-BUFFER.
2008-02-11  Stelian IonescuRefactor SEND-TO internals.
2008-02-11  Stelian IonescuSmall refactoring in BIND-ADDRESS and CONNECT.
2008-02-11  Stelian IonescuWhitespace.
2008-02-09  Stelian IonescuImprove MULTIPLE-VALUE-CASE.
2008-02-09  Stelian IonescuFix MAKE-SOCKET when :IPV6 is NIL.
2008-02-08  Stelian IonescuBetter docstring for WITH-CLOSE-ON-ERROR.
2008-02-07  Stelian IonescuAdd finalizers to streams.
2008-02-04  Stelian IonescuFix DISCONNECT :BEFORE method.
2008-02-03  Stelian IonescuUse SWITCH instead of CASE in one place.
2008-02-02  Stelian IonescuRename SOCKET-LISTEN to LISTEN-ON.
2008-02-02  Stelian IonescuFix spelling.
2008-02-02  Stelian IonescuA few changes.
2008-02-02  Stelian IonescuFix SERIES usage of IO.MULTIPLEX .
2008-02-02  Stelian IonescuMinor fixes in SHUTDOWN and %RECEIVE-FROM.
2008-01-30  Stelian IonescuSlightly improve DECODE-TIMEOUT and NORMALIZE-TIMEOUT.
2008-01-30  Stelian IonescuMinor fix in DECODE-TIMEOUT and NORMALIZE-TIMEOUT.
2008-01-30  Stelian IonescuCosmetic changes: import TIMEVAL-related symbols from...
2008-01-30  Stelian IonescuReexport INTERFACE-INDEX and INTERFACE-NAME.
2008-01-30  Stelian IonescuAdd select(), poll(), epoll() and kqueue() from OSICAT.
2008-01-30  Stelian IonescuRevert "Removed useless code in CREATE-SOCKET"
2008-01-30  Stelian IonescuFix io.multiplex.asd
2008-01-30  Stelian IonescuFix previous commit.
2008-01-30  Stelian IonescuMore cleanups in interface lookup code.
2008-01-29  Stelian IonescuClean up iface.lisp
2008-01-29  Stelian IonescuWhitespace.
2008-01-28  Stelian IonescuRemoved useless code in CREATE-SOCKET
2008-01-27  Stelian IonescuFix NET.TRIVIAL-SOCKETS
2008-01-27  Stelian IonescuA few fixes after last commit.
2008-01-27  Stelian IonescuRename CONVERT-OR-LOOKUP-INET-ADDRESS to ENSURE-HOSTNAM...
2008-01-27  Stelian IonescuChange signature of ENSURE-ADDRESS from (ADDRESS &OPTIO...
2008-01-26  Stelian IonescuWhitespace fixes.
2008-01-26  Stelian IonescuCosmetic changes.
2008-01-26  Stelian IonescuChange arglist of SHUTDOWN from (SOCKET DIRECTION)...
2008-01-26  Stelian IonescuAllow * in addition to _ for specifying ignored values...
2008-01-26  Stelian IonescuFix dependency list of socket-methods.lisp
2008-01-26  Stelian IonescuSmall fix.
2008-01-26  Stelian IonescuMinor change.
2008-01-26  Stelian IonescuBuffer sizes of active stream sockets can now be specif...
2008-01-21  Stelian IonescuMove IO.EVENT to its own branch since it's incomplete.
2008-01-20  Stelian IonescuFix typo. io.event
2008-01-20  Stelian IonescuFix NET.TRIVIAL-SOCKETS.ASD
2008-01-20  Stelian IonescuMore changes in system definitions, some renames.
2008-01-20  Stelian IonescuRewrote system definition of NET.SOCKETS manually speci...
2008-01-20  Stelian IonescuCosmetic changes.
2008-01-20  Stelian IonescuFix last commit.
2008-01-20  Stelian IonescuSmall improvement in compiler macro for MAKE-SOCKET.
2008-01-20  Stelian IonescuArgs REMOTE-ADDRESS and REMOTE-PORT of SEND-TO now...
2008-01-19  Stelian IonescuRenamed socket-send to send-to and socket-receive to...
2008-01-19  Stelian IonescuAllow streams to specify which low-level I/O functions...
2008-01-19  Stelian IonescuFix bug in test SIMPLE-LOCAL-SOCKETS.
2008-01-19  Stelian IonescuMinor change.
2008-01-19  Stelian IonescuCosmetic change.
2008-01-17  Stelian IonescuSmall fix.
2008-01-17  Stelian IonescuUse LASTCAR.
2008-01-17  Stelian IonescuFix previous commit.
2008-01-17  Stelian IonescuUse ALEXANDRIA's REMOVE-FROM-PLIST instead of REMOVE...
2008-01-16  Stelian IonescuMerged changes to attachment generation from upstream.
2008-01-16  Stelian IonescuLOCAL-PORT gets to have default values again.
2008-01-16  Stelian IonescuUpdated NET.SMTP-CLIENT to work with latest NET.SOCKETS
2008-01-16  Stelian IonescuLOCAL-HOST and LOCAL-PORT no longer get default values...
2008-01-14  Stelian IonescuCosmetic changes in IO.STREAMS
2008-01-14  Stelian IonescuAdd READ-SEQUENCE* and WRITE-SEQUENCE*
2008-01-14  Stelian IonescuSmall cosmetic fix.
2008-01-13  Stelian IonescuPrefix the names of all socket-related foreign function...
2008-01-12  Stelian IonescuAdd and export *DEFAULT-LINGER-SECONDS*.
2008-01-12  Stelian IonescuMajor changes in the way socket options work.
2008-01-09  Stelian IonescuReorder components of system NET.SOCKETS .
2008-01-09  Stelian IonescuRemove unused foreign definitions of struct hostent...
2008-01-09  Stelian IonescuRefactor MAKE-SOCKET-STREAM.
2008-01-09  Stelian IonescuExplicitly shadow CL symbols that SERIES shadow in...
2008-01-09  Stelian IonescuAdd and export MAKE-SOCKET-STREAM.
2008-01-08  Stelian IonescuClean up MAKE-SOCKET compiler macros.
2008-01-08  Stelian IonescuAdd symbol macro +DEFAULT-INET-FAMILY+.
2008-01-08  Stelian IonescuSimplify handling of *IPV6* in the MAKE-SOCKET compiler...
2008-01-08  Stelian IonescuAdd type *IPV6*-TYPE.
2008-01-07  Stelian IonescuSmall improvement in MAKE-SOCKET compiler macro.