2010-11-28  Liam HealyEliminate complex-to-cl; require FSBV master
2010-11-27  Liam HealyRewrite complex-to-cl using the complex component type
2010-11-25  Liam HealyUpdated documentation to include declarations and using...
2010-11-22  Liam M. HealyFix grid:gsetf macro
2010-11-21  Liam HealyDefine faref and set-faref macros to expand array eleme...
2010-11-19  Liam M. HealyFix error in type specification for complex types
2010-11-15  Liam M. HealyAuthor: Liam M. Healy <>
2010-11-15  Liam M. HealyRemove some &key and &rest arguments to avoid unused...
2010-11-15  Liam HealyAdd a (setf gref*) compiler macro and timing test
2010-11-14  Liam HealyCompiler macro for gref that expands to gref*
2010-11-14  Liam HealyPut declarations in gref* and (setf gref*) definitions
2010-11-13  Liam HealyMap element type to CFFI form for complex types
2010-11-08  Liam M. HealyFix error in reading declaration of foreign array
2010-11-08  Liam HealyMove compiler macros applicable to foreign-array only...
2010-11-07  Liam HealyType declarations for foreign-arrays
2010-11-07  Liam HealyAccelerate foreign-array computations
2010-08-27  Liam HealyDefinition of stride selection
2010-08-23  Liam HealyExtend lisp-unit tests to include foreign-arrays
2010-08-19  Liam M. HealyImproved docstring for copy-to.
2010-08-13  Liam M. HealyChange split-sequence package to split-sequence
2010-07-22  Liam M. HealyDefault grid type, zero non-diagonal elements of identi...
2010-07-20  Liam M. HealyFix initialization of complex when not done through...
2010-07-20  Liam M. HealyAdd dependency
2010-07-20  Liam M. HealyNew function matrix-into-columns
2010-07-20  Liam HealyChange the default for :combine-destination in map...
2010-07-19  Liam M. HealyNo static-vectors for complex arrays in CCL
2010-07-19  Liam HealyAdded documentation for simplified generalized arrays
2010-07-18  Liam HealySimplify map-n-grids sources argument and add explanati...
2010-07-16  Liam M. HealySimple loop in map-n-grids, added some documentation
2010-07-16  Liam HealyRemove symbol 'clone
2010-07-15  Liam M. HealySet initial-element in foreign-array correctly
2010-07-15  Liam M. HealyKeyword argument initial-element in map-n-grids
2010-07-15  Liam HealyComplex arrays are settable and usable if #-static...
2010-07-11  Liam HealyCorrect :initarg for foreign-pointer slot in defclass...
2010-07-10  Liam HealyMerge branch 'convert' of ssh://
2010-07-09  Liam M. HealyExport symbol read-data-file
2010-07-09  Liam HealyMerge branch 'convert' of ssh://
2010-07-08  Liam M. HealySimplify make-foreign-array-from-pointer
2010-07-08  Liam HealySet the complex array elements correctly; (create-compl...
2010-07-08  Liam HealyMerge branch 'convert' of ssh://
2010-07-08  Liam HealyHandler and restart for using cl-array, non-functional
2010-07-07  Liam M. HealyNew function grid:copy-to, more robust read, check...
2010-07-07  Liam M. HealySystem dependence on split-sequence and alexandria
2010-07-06  Liam M. HealyRead data from a file
2010-07-06  Liam HealyDefine #'copy for grids
2010-07-05  Liam HealyUse destination-specification for grids made from functions
2010-07-04  Liam HealyEliminate gtype and use specification instead in map...
2010-07-03  Liam HealyNew function make-specification, renamed function make...
2010-07-02  Liam HealyMove copy.lisp to grid from foreign-array
2010-06-30  Liam M. HealyMove #'metadata-slot here from GSLL
2010-06-30  Liam HealyDelete unused files, move/rename make-foreign-array...
2010-06-30  Liam HealyNew function foreign-array-from-pointer
2010-06-29  Liam M. HealyMake foreign-array with the appropriate subclass
2010-06-29  Liam HealyCheck for proper element-type, add dependency
2010-06-28  Liam M. HealySpecification without dimensions
2010-06-28  Liam HealyFix make-grid
2010-06-28  Liam HealyExport 'data-class-name
2010-06-27  Liam HealyOptional argument :foreign-metadata in making foreign...
2010-06-27  Liam HealyAdd slot foreign-metadata
2010-06-26  Liam HealySubclasses for vectors and matrices
2010-06-25  Liam HealyComment/reference on work to be done for complex arrays...
2010-06-25  Liam HealyAdd make-load-form for foreign-array
2010-06-24  Liam M. HealyConditionalize #-static-vectors correctly in initialize...
2010-06-23  Liam HealyPrint foreign arrays readably with #m
2010-06-23  Liam HealyUse fsbv:object to convert complex array elements to CL
2010-06-21  Liam HealyReader macro #m for foreign arrays
2010-06-20  Liam HealyTests of foreign arrays
2010-06-20  Liam HealyRestore array tests
2010-06-20  Liam HealySample grid generation of any type
2010-06-20  Liam HealyNew function #'contents returns nested list of contents
2010-06-19  Liam HealyRearrange and clean up code
2010-06-19  Liam HealySingle package, transpose now works for foreign-array
2010-06-19  Liam HealyMake (setf grid:gref*) a method, grid:element-type...
2010-06-19  Liam HealyFortran arrays with initial-contents
2010-06-19  Liam HealyFortran (column-major) arrays support
2010-06-18  Liam HealyMake 'array and 'foreign-array; sepation of multiarrays...
2010-06-17  Liam HealySeparation of "multiarrays", step 1 convert
2010-06-16  Liam HealyMultidimensional foreign-array, define make-grid-data
2010-06-15  Liam HealyBuild foreign-array on static-vectors if available...
2010-06-14  Liam HealyNo superclass for foreign-array
2010-06-10  Liam HealyClass foreign-array for pure foreign array, no Lisp...
2010-06-09  Liam HealyClass foreign-array has two subclasses: duplicated...
2010-06-08  Liam HealyNew class static-arrays
2010-05-25  Liam HealyPermit :initial-contents as an argument to #'make-grid... initial-contents
2010-05-23  Liam HealyMerge branch 'master' of ssh:// final-ffa
2010-05-23  Liam HealyCopy argument list in set-position; otherwise it is...
2010-04-26  Liam M. HealyReturn the CL array from copy-array-from-pointer
2010-04-26  Liam HealyNew function copy-foreign-vector
2010-03-28  Liam HealyIn map-n-grids, iterate until "next" source walker...
2010-02-21  Liam HealyReturn a list from defmethod grid-dimensions ((grid...
2010-02-09  Liam HealyQuote lambda forms in iterate extensions so that they...
2010-02-07  Liam HealyFix error in make-destination-gtype, new function make...
2010-01-20  Liam M. HealyDuplicate #'remove-position, fix arguments to #'error
2010-01-17  Liam HealyDon't check that each dimension is positive
2010-01-06  Liam M. HealyExplicit package for 'gridp and 'grid-rank; export...
2010-01-02  Liam HealyAdd affi transformer #'extrude with tests
2010-01-02  Liam HealyReturn the magnitude from normalize as second value
2010-01-01  Liam HealyNew make-affi-int; gtype can take grid; change to utili...
2010-01-01  Liam HealyAdd grid-iterate-extension
2010-01-01  Liam HealyRemove dependency on iterate package