DescriptionThe Gsharp interactive score editor
OwnerChristophe Rhodes
Last ChangeWed, 14 Sep 2011 13:07:17 +0000
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2011-09-14  David LewisBasic undo implemented for simple operations. master
2011-09-14  David LewisTime signatures
2011-09-14  David LewisAdding more MXML dtds for checking
2011-09-14  David LewisMid-staff clefs
2011-09-14  David LewisMXML fixes
2011-09-14  David LewisPreparation for the ability to set horizontal spacing...
2011-09-14  David LewisSettable inactive colour (to be set, for example, by...
2011-09-14  David LewisCOM-JUMP-TO-HERE and click to move cursor interface
2011-09-14  David LewisBasic button support
2011-09-14  David LewisAdd images/icon buttons for CLIM
2011-09-14  David LewisDraw current element now actually draws current element...
2011-09-14  David LewisZoom functionality (and change of raster changing funct...
2011-09-14  David LewisColour current note
2011-09-14  David LewisReversed version of ISTATE-ROTATE-NOTEHEADS, associated...
2011-09-14  David LewisSpelling error of slipce for slice in cursor.lisp and...
2011-09-14  David LewisFile dialog box (new dependency on CLIM-LISTENER)
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