2013-07-25  Julien DanjouPring tests name being ran master
2013-07-25  Stelian IonescuDeclaim *SUITE* special
2013-07-25  Stelian IonescuFix typo
2013-07-18  Olof-Joachim... Simpler suites list.
2013-07-18  Olof-Joachim... Fix VARSYMP for empty symbol names.
2013-07-18  Olof-Joachim... Simpler TEST-NAMES.
2013-07-18  Stelian IonescuDEFVAR *SUITE* before used
2013-07-18  Stelian IonescuAdd ASDF metadata
2013-06-03  Stelian IonescuRelease 1.1 v1.1
2013-01-24  Stelian IonescuDon't signal a warning when the old TEST macro is used
2012-11-18  Matthew CurryBetter pretty-printing of failed test result values
2012-11-18  Stelian IonescuUse package locks on SBCL
2012-11-18  Stelian IonescuBetter variable name
2012-11-18  Robert GoldmanReturn list of failed tests as second value of RUN
2012-11-18  Stelian IonescuRemove redundant lambda
2012-08-24  Olof-Joachim... Fix typos.
2012-07-29  Stelian IonescuMove most of the expansion of DEF-TEST into the functio...
2012-07-29  Stelian IonescuRemove unnecessary REM-FIXTURE in the test suite
2012-07-29  Stelian IonescuUse DEF-TEST in internal test suite
2012-07-29  Stelian IonescuAdd macro DEF-TEST with a different arglist than TEST...
2012-07-29  Stelian IonescuRemove warning about fixture redefinition
2012-07-29  Stelian IonescuFix typo
2012-07-29  Stelian IonescuBetter arglists for DEF-FIXTURE and WITH-FIXTURE
2012-07-29  Stelian IonescuFix typo
2012-07-29  Stelian IonescuCreate named test lambdas
2012-06-01  Stelian IonescuRelease 1.0 v1.0
2012-04-25  Stelian IonescuFix typo
2012-04-23  Stelian IonescuUse keywords with LOOP
2012-04-23  Stelian IonescuFix typo
2012-04-23  Stelian IonescuEXPLAIN: call TERPRI on the actual argument
2012-04-23  Stelian IonescuAdd docstring to EXPLAIN
2012-04-23  Stelian IonescuUse ROTATEF
2012-04-23  Stelian IonescuFix modelines
2012-04-23  Stelian IonescuRename packages.lisp to package.lisp
2012-04-21  Stelian IonescuReplace mailing-list address with the new one
2012-04-21  Stelian IonescuUse DEFGENERIC
2012-04-21  Stelian IonescuDrop dependency on Arnesi, use Alexandria instead
2012-04-21  Stelian IonescuUse lowercase-only characters for package names to...
2012-04-21  Stelian IonescuFix indentation, whitespace
2009-04-14  Henrik Hjeltesilence redefining fixture warning
2008-03-20  Kilian Sprottemake gen-character more robust
2008-02-10  Maciek PasternackiDon't inline package object in ECL (breaks compilation).
2007-11-01  Henrik Hjelteadded :before depends-on option
2007-10-31  Henrik Hjeltedepends-on with single symbol resolves dependencies ok
2007-10-31  Henrik Hjeltebugfixed test of depends on symbol
2007-10-31  Henrik Hjeltetests for dependencies with symbol
2006-08-21  Henrik Hjelte Platform-independent pathnames in make-qbook
2007-10-21  Luca Capelloadd an (eval-when ...) when defining a test suite
2007-08-14  Marco Baringerdef-suite should expand into an (eval-when (:always...
2007-06-26  Marco BaringerRemoved the default-test-args slot from test-suite.
2007-06-26  Marco BaringerThere is no fixture named foo, wtf?
2007-06-26  Marco BaringerDon't put a literal suite object into a test form's...
2007-06-26  Marco BaringerAdd support for collecting profiling information during...
2007-06-26  Marco BaringerAvoid dobule evaluation of IS-FALSE's argument
2007-03-24  Marco BaringerAdded def-suite* macro
2007-03-23  Marco BaringerDrop spurious newline
2007-03-23  Marco BaringerAdded :default-test-args parameter to def-suite.
2007-03-23  Marco BaringerAdded :fixture argument to TEST macro
2007-01-09  Marco BaringerExport results-status
2006-12-19  Levente MészárosAdd new restart called explain which ignores the rest...
2006-12-20  Attila LendvaiAdded :compile-at parameter for test (:run-time :defini...
2006-12-09  Attila LendvaiRebind *package* also when compiling the tests
2006-12-09  Attila LendvaiPrint failed tests in the order of execution
2006-11-10  Attila LendvaiAdded :fiveam package nickname
2006-12-06  Marco BaringerChange IS's default resaon strings to show the form...
2006-12-06  Marco BaringerCan't use &rest in loop destructuring. Use (expected...
2006-11-09  Attila LendvaiFIX: gentree typo/unsaved file
2006-11-07  Attila LendvaiAdded debug! which is run! but enters the debugger...
2006-10-16  Attila LendvaiDo not warn when redefining a test
2006-10-16  Attila LendvaiAdded a simple gen-tree
2006-10-14  Attila LendvaiFIX: Store *package* at definition time for tests and...
2006-10-01  Attila LendvaiExtended the 'is' macro to support multiple values
2006-10-01  Attila LendvaiDropped is-equal and is-string=, added is-every
2006-09-30  Attila LendvaiAdded is-string=
2006-09-30  Attila LendvaiAdded is-equal test
2006-09-30  Attila LendvaiAdded in-suite* that also defines the suite
2006-09-29  Levente MészárosAllow to run multiple named tests to be run at once.
2006-09-02  Attila LendvaiRebind a copy of *readtable* before running a test
2006-09-01  Kilian SprottePrinc-ing of Unexpected Error
2006-08-31  Attila LendvaiSupport code limit for gen-character
2006-04-08  Marco BaringerAdedd gen-one-element
2006-03-13  Marco BaringerAdded gen-buffer generator
2006-02-15  Donavon KeithleyFix (signals error ...), was always passing
2006-02-10  Marco BaringerFix IS macro's handling of the default (unknown) case
2006-02-02  Marco BaringerFix bug in defalut handling of IS macro
2006-01-26  Marco BaringerAdded tests for FOR-ALL
2006-01-26  Marco BaringerAllow for-all bindings to be lists used with destructur...
2006-01-26  Marco BaringerFix stupid bug in gen-character
2006-01-26  Marco BaringerDocument what happens when re-evaluating def-suite...
2006-01-24  Marco BaringerTypo: Use *run-test-when-defined* in test macro. (Repor...
2006-01-24  Marco BaringerExport *run-test-when-defined*
2006-01-24  Marco BaringerAdded *run-test-when-defined* variable.
2006-01-24  Marco BaringerExport gen-float and gen-list
2006-01-24  Marco BaringerDrop us of defgenerator, document the generators.
2006-01-24  Marco BaringerAdded gen-float
2006-01-24  Marco BaringerUse defgenerator and not defun for gen-list and gen...
2006-01-24  Marco BaringerTEST macro now recompiles the body on every run.
2006-01-24  Marco BaringerFix thinko in test's docstring
2006-01-24  Marco BaringerDefault minimum for gen-integer is most-negative-fixnum...
2006-01-23  Marco BaringerUpdate copyright notices to 2006