OwnerJuan Jose Garcia Ripoll
Last ChangeWed, 21 May 2008 08:03:05 +0000
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2008-05-21  jgarciaExport and extend *tpl-prompt-hook* so that it can... master origin
2008-05-20  jgarciaGarbage collection statistics was broken for libraries...
2008-05-20  jgarciaSerious warning about the old garbage collector.
2008-05-20  jgarciaFix the problem detecting 32 bit operating systems...
2008-05-19  jgarciaCOMPILE-FILE detects and aborts when errors happen...
2008-05-19  jgarciaThe temporary destination is a function of the _final_...
2008-05-19  jgarciaWhen system-p is T, the default is :object, not :fasl.
2008-05-19  jgarciaNo need to memset the freed memory.
2008-05-19  jgarciaVVtemp might be uninitialized if there is no data
2008-05-19  jgarciaUpdate sources to accomodate the new cl_dealloc() macro
2008-05-18  jgarciaSimplifed MAKE-ARRAY. Deactivated the old garbage colle...
2008-05-17  jgarciaRemove flag -fstrict-aliasing which causes problems...
2008-05-16  jgarcia(coerce 0 '(double-float * *)) did not work because...
2008-05-16  jgarciaThe new methods on PERFORM/COMPILE-OP did not work...
2008-05-14  jgarciaFixed typo in :after method
2008-05-14  jgarciaTag fixes for COMPILE-OP
6 years ago pre_2word_cons
6 years ago pre_nil_03
6 years ago safe_pre_new_apply
6 years ago ECL_0_9j
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8 years ago ECL_0_9f
9 years ago ECL_0_9e
9 years ago ECL_0_9d
9 years ago ECL_0_9d_RC
10 years ago ECL_0_9b
10 years ago ECL_0_9
11 years ago STABLE
5 years ago master
5 years ago origin
5 years ago sealed_slot
6 years ago new_cons
6 years ago externalize
6 years ago new_apply
10 years ago ECL_0_9D_WARNINGS
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