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OwnerRaymond Toy
Last ChangeWed, 16 Apr 2014 04:53:14 +0000
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36 hours ago  Raymond ToyRegenerated. master
36 hours ago  Raymond ToyRemove alloc_overflow_x87.
36 hours ago  Raymond ToyAdd comment that 16-byte alignment is required on Darwin.
36 hours ago  Raymond ToyMake sse2 the default and always call alloc_overflow_sse2.
36 hours ago  Raymond ToyMake sse2 the default and remove the conditionals.
36 hours ago  Raymond ToyMake sse2 the default and remove the conditioals.
3 days ago  Raymond ToyPrint more digits for % passed since we have 75K tests...
3 days ago  Raymond ToyRemove support for compiling with x87 versions.
3 days ago  Raymond ToyRemove commented code and some redundant jmps.
3 days ago  Raymond ToyComment out x87 stuff from call_into_lisp.
4 days ago  Raymond ToyMore x87 removal from sse2-c-call.lisp
6 days ago  Raymond ToySimplify call_into_c more, putting more of the function...
11 days ago  Raymond ToyRemove commented-out stuff and clean up comments.
11 days ago  Raymond ToySimplify call-out for sse2.
2014-03-30  Raymond ToyRemove -fpu command-line switch.
2014-03-30  Raymond ToyRemove lisp -fpu command-line switch.
2 weeks ago begin-x87-removal Removal of x87 support begins here.
2 weeks ago last-x87-snapshot This is the last x87 snapshot....
2 weeks ago snapshot-2014-04 Snapshot 2014-04
6 weeks ago snapshot-2014-03 Snapshot 2014-03
2 months ago snapshot-2014-02 Snapshot 2014-02
3 months ago snapshot-2014-01 Snapshot 2014-01
4 months ago snapshot-2013-12-a Snapshot 2013-12-a Fixes a couple...
4 months ago snapshot-2013-12 Snapshot 2013-12
5 months ago snapshot-2013-11 Snapshot 2013-11
6 months ago 20e CMUCL Release 20e
6 months ago release-20e Release 20e
6 months ago release-20e-base Base for the 20e release.
7 months ago snapshot-2013-09 Snapshot 2013-09
8 months ago snapshot-2013-08 Snapshot 2013-08
9 months ago snapshot-2013-07 Snapshot 2013-07
10 months ago snapshot-2013-06 Snapshot 2013-06
36 hours ago master
4 weeks ago rtoy-update-unicode-6.3
3 months ago rtoy-simp-dd-trig
3 months ago rtoy-lisp-trig
13 months ago rtoy-unicode-6.2
14 months ago rtoy-search-list-as-host
19 months ago remove-long-float
21 months ago file-attribute
21 months ago tcall-convention
2 years ago rearrange-dir
2 years ago RELEASE-20C-BRANCH
2 years ago dynamic-stack-alloc
2 years ago settable-sizes