2013-09-22  Raymond ToyUpdate for 20e. 20e release-20e release-20e-base
2013-09-21  Raymond ToyMake :plus-integer actually print + or - as documented.
2013-09-21  Raymond ToyUpdate to date to Oct 2013, 20e.
2013-09-21  Raymond ToyUpdate for release 20e.
2013-09-21  Raymond ToyUpdate for new documentation.
2013-09-12  Raymond ToySupport all sun4 archs, not just sun4u. (sun4v is...
2013-09-12  Raymond ToySet lvshort to solaris too if lisp_variant=sparc*.
2013-09-12  Raymond ToyAllow disabling the use of git for the file-comment.
2013-09-09  Raymond ToyChange Sparc default variant to sparc_sunc instead...
2013-09-07  Raymond ToyUpdate from logs. snapshot-2013-09
2013-08-24  Raymond ToyMake CL:DISASSEMBLE conforming. Also update some of the
2013-08-22  Raymond ToyAllow disasembler to work for any value of *print-base*.
2013-08-11  Carl ShapiroFix compiler warnings in the runtime.
2013-08-11  Carl Shapirocompiler/x86: load byte and word values through a sap...
2013-08-08  Carl ShapiroUse the faster imul instruction in the fast-*/unsigned...
2013-08-08  Carl ShapiroAllow any unsigned-reg for the check-type and type...
2013-08-07  Carl ShapiroUse movxz in load-type to avoid byte-register restrictions.
2013-08-03  Raymond ToyUpdate from logs. snapshot-2013-08
2013-08-02  Carl ShapiroRemove EAX dependency in length/list and retire fast...
2013-08-01  Carl ShapiroSimplify the %more-arg-values VOP.
2013-08-01  Carl ShapiroImprove and clean-up some move VOPs.
2013-07-05  Raymond ToyMake NOT-MORE-CONTAGIOUS support member and union types.
2013-07-04  Raymond ToyUpdate from logs. snapshot-2013-07
2013-07-04  Raymond ToyUpdate to asdf 3.0.2.
2013-07-02  Raymond ToyFix some compiler warnings about unused variables or...
2013-07-02  Raymond ToyAdd a herald for defsystem.
2013-06-26  Raymond ToyInitialize some variables to get rid of some clang...
2013-06-01  Raymond ToyRegenerated after sparc build. snapshot-2013-06
2013-06-01  Raymond ToyRegenerated from sparc build.
2013-06-01  Raymond ToyUpdate piglatin translations using the latest pot files.
2013-05-27  Raymond ToyMinor corrections for the usage message.
2013-05-27  Raymond ToyUse BYTE-BASH-COPY too when CONCATENATE'ing simple...
2013-05-26  Raymond ToyUpdate.
2013-05-26  Raymond ToyUse BYTE-BASH-COPY in COPY-SEQ on strings.
2013-05-26  Raymond ToyUpdate.
2013-05-26  Raymond ToyImport many unicode symbols from LISP into the UNICODE...
2013-05-25  Raymond ToyRemove all the extensions to string-upcase and friends...
2013-05-25  Raymond ToyFix typo.
2013-05-24  Raymond ToyUpdate to ASDF 3.0.1.
2013-05-21  Raymond ToyRegenerated from current sources.
2013-05-21  Raymond ToyFix ticket:82: If the form numbers are too large to...
2013-05-21  Raymond ToyDon't reverse surrogate pairs in strings; it's not...
2013-05-19  Raymond ToyUpdate.
2013-05-19  Raymond ToyFix ticket:81 and fix ticket:83.
2013-05-17  Raymond ToyForgot to commit changes to code/x86-vm.lisp to:
2013-05-15  Raymond ToyWrap exports in eval-when for x86 as was done for sparc...
2013-05-15  Raymond ToyWrap exports in eval-when for ppc as was done for sparc...
2013-05-15  Raymond ToyWrap exports in eval-when.
2013-05-05  Raymond ToyClean up CC snapshot-2013-05
2013-05-05  Raymond ToyMake the C stack not executable
2013-05-05  Raymond ToyRemove DEPENDS and set DEPENDS_FLAG for ppc.
2013-05-05  Raymond ToyClean up DEPENDS
2013-05-05  Raymond ToySupport older versions of git that don't support descri...
2013-05-04  Raymond ToyAdd -z noexecstack to disable exec flag for the C stack.
2013-05-04  Raymond ToyDon't need to set CC or CPP. But add a note that we...
2013-05-04  Raymond ToyMake stacks not executable.
2013-05-04  Raymond ToyFilter out the Config.*common files from the list of...
2013-05-04  Raymond ToyRemove old Config files that are no longer used or...
2013-05-04  Raymond ToyRemove the -M option that was recently added.
2013-05-04  Raymond ToyDon't set CC. The default is good enough and we'll...
2013-05-04  Raymond ToyDon't set CC; let it default or let the individual...
2013-05-04  Raymond ToyFix compiler warning on sparc about 1st arg to madvise.
2013-05-04  Raymond ToyClean up variables.
2013-05-03  Raymond ToyUse clang instead of gcc on Mac OSX.
2013-05-03  Raymond ToyAdd -M option to pass args to make.
2013-05-03  Raymond ToyAdd -M option to pass extra flags to make.
2013-05-03  Raymond ToyInclude interr.h (and os.h) to get rid of a compiler...
2013-05-03  Raymond ToyJust remove a blank line and reformat a strangely forma...
2013-05-03  Raymond ToyFix some issues with zero check in gc_free_heap.
2013-04-27  Raymond ToyClean up madvise implementation
2013-04-26  Raymond ToyTurn on zero checking if gencgc_unmap_zero is lazy.
2013-04-24  Raymond Toy * Change default to MODE_LAZY
2013-04-21  Raymond ToyClean up implementation of new gencgc_unmap_zero.
2013-04-21  Raymond Toy * Add support for linux and solaris/sparc. Linux isn...
2013-04-20  Raymond Toy * Add variable to control debug prints for madvise
2013-04-20  Raymond ToyFirst cut at using madvise instead of memset or mmap...
2013-04-14  Raymond ToyOops. Always build asdf and friends. snapshot-2013-04
2013-04-14  Raymond ToyUpdate from logs.
2013-04-13  Raymond ToyUpdate from logs.
2013-04-13  Raymond ToyUpdate -u option so that asdf is always built.
2013-04-08  Raymond ToyUpdate from logs.
2013-04-07  Raymond ToyFix ticket:80
2013-03-25  Raymond ToyFix ticket:77 correctly, using the supplied patch link.
2013-03-24  Raymond ToyFix ticket:77 by adding the code given in the ticket.
2013-03-23  Raymond ToyUpdate from logs.
2013-03-23  Raymond ToyFix ticket:79
2013-03-23  Raymond ToyTry to be careful about extracting the linux version...
2013-03-10  Raymond ToySupport ppc.
2013-03-07  Raymond ToyUpdate. rtoy-unicode-6.2 snapshot-2013-03-a
2013-03-06  Raymond ToyReindent STRING-NEXT-WORD-BREAK neatly.
2013-03-06  Raymond ToyMerge branch 'master' into rtoy-unicode-6.2
2013-03-06  Raymond ToyUpdate.
2013-03-06  Raymond ToyFix ticket:76
2013-03-06  Raymond ToyImplement Rule WB13c for regional indicators.
2013-03-06  Raymond ToyFix PARSE-WORD-BREAK-LINE to handle codepoints outside...
2013-03-06  Raymond ToyUpdate from logs.
2013-03-06  Raymond ToyUpdate to ASDF 2.32.
2013-03-05  Raymond ToyNote ticket #74 fixed, and move a Change item to a...
2013-03-05  Raymond ToyOops. Remove debugging echo.
2013-03-05  Raymond ToyUpdate to Unicode 6.2.