2 days ago  Raymond ToyRegenerated. master
2 days ago  Raymond ToyRemove alloc_overflow_x87.
2 days ago  Raymond ToyAdd comment that 16-byte alignment is required on Darwin.
2 days ago  Raymond ToyMake sse2 the default and always call alloc_overflow_sse2.
2 days ago  Raymond ToyMake sse2 the default and remove the conditionals.
2 days ago  Raymond ToyMake sse2 the default and remove the conditioals.
4 days ago  Raymond ToyPrint more digits for % passed since we have 75K tests...
4 days ago  Raymond ToyRemove support for compiling with x87 versions.
4 days ago  Raymond ToyRemove commented code and some redundant jmps.
4 days ago  Raymond ToyComment out x87 stuff from call_into_lisp.
5 days ago  Raymond ToyMore x87 removal from sse2-c-call.lisp
7 days ago  Raymond ToySimplify call_into_c more, putting more of the function...
12 days ago  Raymond ToyRemove commented-out stuff and clean up comments.
12 days ago  Raymond ToySimplify call-out for sse2.
2014-03-30  Raymond ToyRemove -fpu command-line switch.
2014-03-30  Raymond ToyRemove lisp -fpu command-line switch.
2014-03-30  Raymond ToyRemove support for x87 cores from build scripts.
2014-03-29  Raymond ToyNote dropping of x87 support after this snapshot. begin-x87-removal last-x87-snapshot snapshot-2014-04
2014-03-29  Raymond ToyUpdate from commit logs.
2014-03-15  Raymond ToyAdd comments. Note that this can't be run from a build...
2014-03-15  Raymond ToyRemove the tests and just use mk-defsystem to load...
2014-03-15  Raymond ToyCopy the PCL tests here, changing the package from...
2014-03-15  Raymond ToyAdd comments.
2014-03-15  Raymond ToyFix typos in eval-when cases.
2014-03-13  Raymond ToyFirst cut at adding PCL tests.
2014-03-13  Raymond ToyRemove these test files since they've been migrated...
2014-03-11  Raymond ToyAdd unicode tests, based on the tests in src/i18n/tests.
2014-03-08  Raymond ToyReturn the correct values for (log -0w0) and (log 0w0...
2014-03-08  Raymond ToyAdd double-double-float-positive-infinity and
2014-03-08  Raymond ToyRevert change for ticket 92.
2014-03-02  Raymond ToyUpdate from commit logs. snapshot-2014-03
2014-03-01  Raymond ToyRegenerated piglatin translation.
2014-03-01  Raymond ToyRegenerate.
2014-03-01  Raymond ToyRegenerated.
2014-03-01  Raymond ToyFix ticket 93.
2014-03-01  Raymond ToyMerge branch 'master' into rtoy-round-float-in-reader
2014-03-01  Raymond ToyUpdate from recent changes.
2014-03-01  Raymond ToyFix ticket 94.
2014-03-01  Raymond ToyFix ticket 93.
2014-02-11  Raymond ToyFix path so (require :lisp-unit) actually loads.
2014-02-10  Raymond ToyUpdate from logs.
2014-02-10  Raymond ToyFix ticket:87
2014-02-09  Raymond ToyUpdate from commit logs.
2014-02-09  Raymond ToyFix ticket:92
2014-02-07  Raymond ToyAdd news about lisp-unit.
2014-02-07  Raymond ToyAdd lisp-unit as a module. Use (require :lisp-unit...
2014-02-07  Raymond ToyImport lisp-unit. This is the version from quicklisp...
2014-02-04  Raymond ToyUpdate from commit logs. snapshot-2014-02
2014-01-12  Raymond ToySimplify the macros that generate the basic float opera...
2014-01-12  Raymond ToyAllow stack-tn's to be accessed in the float arith...
2014-01-12  Raymond ToyRemove the zero checking of the heap.
2014-01-08  Raymond ToyConvert to using lisp-unit. Disable the two inet tests...
2014-01-08  Raymond ToyCopy src/pcl/simple-streams/rt/simple-streams-tests...
2014-01-07  Raymond ToyUpdate.
2014-01-07  Raymond ToyFix complex multiply vop.
2014-01-06  Raymond ToyIn the summary, print out all test failures and errors.
2014-01-06  Raymond ToyIn trac.65, make comparison test an assertion test...
2014-01-05  Raymond ToyUse the correct syntax to match Power Mac for uname -m.
2014-01-05  Raymond ToyUse truename of *load-pathname*.
2014-01-03  Raymond ToyFix typo in cis deftransform for double-doubles. snapshot-2014-01
2014-01-03  Raymond ToyDon't run trac.15 on x87. We expect this to fail there...
2014-01-03  Raymond ToyRegenerate.
2014-01-03  Raymond ToyUpdate according to commit logs.
2014-01-03  Raymond ToyMake interactive use of tests a little easier.
2014-01-03  Raymond ToyProduce correct results on branch cuts for atanh.
2013-12-24  Raymond ToyFix ticket:90
2013-12-23  Raymond ToyAdd tests for the branch cut for atanh. Not clear...
2013-12-23  Raymond ToyAdd tests for the branch cuts for asinh and acosh,...
2013-12-23  Raymond ToyFloat printer tests from reading the logs for print...
2013-12-23  Raymond ToySimple test script to run all of the tests in the tests...
2013-12-23  Raymond ToyRegenerated.
2013-12-23  Raymond ToyFix test trac.69: Move the setting of the logical...
2013-12-23  Raymond ToyFix typo.
2013-12-23  Raymond ToyMore documentation.
2013-12-23  Raymond ToyUse the formulas from the CLHS in the docstrings.
2013-12-22  Raymond ToyAdd test file needed by a trac test.
2013-12-22  Raymond ToyAdd more tests from trac.
2013-12-22  Raymond ToyFix trac.50 to use princ-to-string.
2013-12-22  Raymond ToyAdd some selected tests from trac bug reports.
2013-12-21  Raymond ToyMove src/tests/trig.lisp to tests/trig.lisp.
2013-12-21  Raymond ToyDocument the value of atan better. The CLHS is confusing.
2013-12-21  Raymond ToyAdd tests for branch cuts.
2013-12-21  Raymond ToyIncrease accuracy of tan near multiples of pi/4.
2013-12-21  Raymond ToyAdd tests for dd-%sincos. rtoy-simp-dd-trig
2013-12-21  Raymond ToyAdd dd-%sincos and use it as needed instead of calling...
2013-12-21  Raymond ToyAdd tests for double-double trig functions.
2013-12-21  Raymond ToyFor dd-%%sin, return x if x is small enough. (Makes...
2013-12-20  Raymond ToyMerge branch 'master' into rtoy-simp-dd-trig
2013-12-20  Raymond ToyUpdate for ppc to get pot files generated correctly.
2013-12-20  Raymond ToyMerge branch 'master' into rtoy-simp-dd-trig
2013-12-20  Raymond ToyRegenerated.
2013-12-20  Raymond ToyMake all top-level disassembly functions accept base...
2013-12-18  Raymond ToyAdd more tests for exceptional values for cos and tan...
2013-12-18  Raymond ToyMove ieee754_rem_pio2 to os-common.c. Remove the versi...
2013-12-18  Raymond ToyNeed to build e_rem_pio2.c on sparc now. rtoy-lisp-trig
2013-12-18  Raymond ToyAdd some comments and remove unneeded package qualifiers.
2013-12-18  Raymond ToyRemove RT.
2013-12-17  Raymond ToyConvert to using lisp-unit.
2013-12-15  Raymond ToyMerge branch 'master' into rtoy-lisp-trig
2013-12-15  Raymond ToyNeed -ffloat-store when compiling e_rem/k_rem.