2011-11-03  Raymond ToyMerge branch 'RELEASE-20C-BRANCH' of ssh://common-lisp... RELEASE-20C-BRANCH
2011-11-02  Raymond ToyTest for directory or file (because that's what -e... release-20c
2011-10-31  Raymond ToyPretty-print WITH-ARRAY-DATA.
2011-10-30  Raymond ToySolaris sh doesn't have test -e. Use -d instead.
2011-10-30  Raymond ToySolaris /bin/sh doesn't like ${VERSION:+ -v "$VERSION...
2011-10-30  Raymond ToyMerge branch 'RELEASE-20C-BRANCH' of ssh://common-lisp...
2011-10-30  Raymond ToyIgnore files generated by tex.
2011-10-30  Raymond ToyAuto-detect NetBSD.
2011-10-22  Raymond ToyUpdate date.
2011-10-22  Raymond ToyClean up phrasing.
2011-10-22  Raymond ToyUpdate date and version for release.
2011-10-22  Raymond ToyRegenerated. release-20c-base
2011-10-22  Raymond ToyRemove reference to CVS.
2011-10-22  Raymond ToyBump version to 20c, add bootstrap file.
2011-10-22  Raymond Toy(format t "a~0&b") should not output a newline between...
2011-10-22  Raymond ToyClean up docstrings of MAP<foo> to match the argument...
2011-10-20  Raymond ToyRemove :CREATE from :IF-DOES-NOT-EXIST; it doesn't...
2011-10-15  Raymond ToyUpdate with new docstrings and code changes.
2011-10-15  Raymond ToyProperly handle a denormal operand exception. This...
2011-10-13  Raymond ToyClean up implementation of PROCESS-FILE-COMMENT slightly.
2011-10-13  Raymond ToyFormat docstrings for COMPILE-FILE and COMPILE-FILE...
2011-10-13  Alex Goncharovcompiler/main.lisp: Improve the doc strings for compile...
2011-10-12  Alex GoncharovMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-10-12  Alex Goncharovcompiler/main.lisp: Doc strings reformat per the establ...
2011-10-11  Raymond ToyHandle the case where Git describe prints nothing....
2011-10-11  Raymond ToyCleanup version stuff and fix bug.
2011-10-11  Raymond ToyJust expand the VERSION everywhere instead of trying...
2011-10-11  Raymond ToyChange to correct directory before symlinking the Confi...
2011-10-10  Alex Goncharovcompile-file: rephrase the doc string for the :Load...
2011-10-09  Alex Goncharovcompile-file: add a doc string for the :Load argument.
2011-10-09  Alex GoncharovMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-10-09  Alex GoncharovRemove .gitignore: no need for it for now
2011-10-08  Raymond ToyRemove reference to CVS.
2011-10-08  Raymond Toyo Let set the default version instead of setti...
2011-10-08  Raymond ToyUse git describe instead of git log to get a version.
2011-10-08  Alex Goncharovtools/ merge from dynamic-stack-alloc
2011-10-08  Alex GoncharovMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-10-08  Alex Goncharov1. Add .gitignore. 2. Rewrite tools/
2011-10-05  Raymond ToyUse git describe to add to default version string.
2011-10-01  Raymond Toy*** empty log message *** snapshot-2011-10
2011-10-01  Raymond ToyNo need to create pot files with backups anymore.
2011-10-01  Raymond ToyAdd -O option to allow specifying options for all builds.
2011-09-27  Raymond ToyDon't say "CVS Head" in the default version string.
2011-09-27  Raymond ToyUpdate.
2011-09-27  Raymond ToyAdd the tree hash to the version string.
2011-09-25  Raymond ToyFix ticket:49. In every file-comment, replace the...
2011-09-25  Raymond ToyFix ticket:48. Use Carl's idea to use git to insert...
2011-09-25  Raymond ToyRegenerated from current sources.
2011-09-24  Raymond ToyFix Trac ticket:46. settable-sizes
2011-09-21  Raymond ToyFix ticket:46 by removing testing junk.
2011-09-21  Raymond ToyTesting trac/git integration.
2011-09-21  Raymond ToyRemove test text and fix trac #46.
2011-09-20  Raymond ToyTest 6
2011-09-20  Raymond ToyTest 5
2011-09-20  Raymond ToyTest 4
2011-09-20  Raymond ToyTest 3
2011-09-20  Raymond ToyTest 2
2011-09-20  Raymond ToyTesting commit email script.
2011-09-19  Raymond ToyRemove incorrect statement about using a different...
2011-09-18  Raymond ToyUpdate with instructions for using git instead of CVS.
2011-09-03  rtoyRegenerated from current sources.
2011-09-03  rtoyFix rounding for large numbers.
2011-09-03  rtoyCleanup sigbus handler for stack overflow.
2011-09-01  rtoyInsert line breaks in the yellow-zone message.
2011-09-01  rtoyOops. Need to check for gc write barrier before handli...
2011-09-01  rtoyAdd os_init0 to allow for some really early OS inits.
2011-09-01  rtoyMake the stack checking feature actually work on Darwin...
2011-08-23  rtoycontrib/asdf/asdf.lisp
2011-08-21  rtoyImprove type progagation for LOAD-TIME-VALUE.
2011-08-21  rtoyReduce consing of SAPs in ROOM.
2011-07-12  rtoyUpdate from logs.
2011-07-12  rtoyDon't call dgettext with a NIL doc.
2011-06-29  rtoyo Trac #43 fixed again.
2011-06-29  rtoyFix Trac #43 again.
2011-06-28  rtoyRegenerated from current sources.
2011-06-27  rtoyUpdate from logs.
2011-06-27  rtoyUsability and internal restructuring.
2011-06-27  rtoyRegenerated for Unicode 6.0.0.
2011-06-27  rtoyUpdate to Unicode 6.0.0.
2011-06-27  rtoyRevert last change to fix Trac #43.
2011-06-10  rtoyo Update for recent change.
2011-06-10  rtoyAllow specifying a core with an executable image.
2011-06-10  rtoyAdd function to load all unicode data into memory.
2011-06-08  rtoy(require "asdf") loads asdf now.
2011-06-08  rtoyUpdate to release 2.016.
2011-06-06  rtoyRegenerated from current sources.
2011-06-05  rtoyUpdate from logs.
2011-05-31  rtoyAdd -unidata option to specify unidata.bin file.
2011-05-31  rtoyAdd :CMUCL to *FEATURES*.
2011-05-31  rtoyIgnore shell wildcards when determining next version.
2011-05-11  rtoyAdd short description for
2011-04-12  rtoyUpdate so we can cross-compile from linux to solaris...
2011-04-11  rtoyAutomatically select arch and os on FreeBSD, if none...
2011-04-11  rtoyUpdate so that linux can be used to cross-compile to...
2011-04-03  rtoyOrder the header in the same order as what the tools...
2011-04-03  rtoyRegenerate piglatin translation.
2011-04-02  rtoyRegenerated po files from current sources.
2011-04-02  rtoyRemove extra right parenthesis.
2011-04-02  rtoyUpdate from logs
2011-03-30  rtoyUpdate to asdf 2.014.1 to fix an issue with SUBDIRECTOR...