Update to asdf 2.24.
[projects/cmucl/cmucl.git] / src / general-info / release-20d.txt
2012-08-28  Raymond ToyUpdate to asdf 2.24.
2012-08-04  Raymond ToyAdd note that OSX 10.4 is no longer supported. snapshot-2012-08
2012-08-04  Raymond ToyAdd note that OSX Lion can compile cmucl.
2012-07-18  Raymond ToyUpdate to asdf 2.23.
2012-07-18  Raymond ToyFix ticket:61, using option 2.
2012-07-18  Raymond ToyAdd -R option to force recompilation of C runtime.
2012-06-15  Raymond ToyUpdate to asdf 2.22. Testsuite for asdf, using 2012...
2012-05-30  Raymond ToyUpdate.
2012-05-28  Raymond ToyUpdate with new :FILE-ATTRIBUTE external format, contri...
2012-05-28  Raymond ToyUpdate with changes.
2012-05-26  Raymond Toy * {{{COMPILE-FILE}}} should not signal an error when...
2012-05-25  Raymond ToyClear matching current exceptions when enabling new...
2012-05-10  Raymond ToyAdd popcnt instruction and use it in logcount vop if...
2012-05-01  Raymond ToyUpdate with more info that was left out. snapshot-2012-05
2012-05-01  Raymond ToyUpdate to ASDF2 2.21.
2012-04-25  Raymond ToyFix typo in iso8859-2 external format.
2012-04-21  Raymond ToyFix some typos, change url to cmucl.org and add url to
2012-04-20  Raymond ToyUTF-16-BE and UTF-16-LE external formats were returning...
2012-04-19  Raymond ToyFix ticket:58. Handle the BOM character for utf-16...
2012-04-19  Raymond ToyAdd many additional aliases to match glibc iconv aliase...
2012-04-18  Raymond ToyFix typo in external format for utf-32.
2012-03-27  Raymond ToyUpdate.
2012-03-03  Raymond ToyUpdate for snapshot.
2012-02-05  Raymond ToyUpdate to Unicode 6.1.0.
2012-02-04  Raymond ToyUpdate.
2012-02-01  Raymond ToyUpdate from logs. Move the PPC news to the Changes...
2012-01-31  Raymond ToyUpdate from logs.
2012-01-07  Raymond ToyUpdate from logs snapshot-2012-01
2011-11-29  Raymond ToyUpdate to asdf 2.019; update release info. snapshot-2011-12
2011-11-04  Raymond ToyRearrange directory structure.