2011-02-15  Andrea Chiumentiadded claw-snippets projects, some Emacs' yasnippet... master
2011-02-15  Andrea Chiumentiremoved parser, needs full rework and a separate system
2010-09-03  UnknownAdded
2010-07-31  UnknownMade Form.js more compliant with dojo standards
2010-07-16  UnknownBugfix: parenscript slot-value to getprop
2010-07-16  UnknownSmall patches 0.1.0
2009-11-17  Unknownbugfix in setting locale
2009-11-16  Unknowni18n first release
2009-11-15  Unknownmoved claw.i18n to claw-i18n (some bugs to fix till...
2009-11-12  Unknownadded modify-local-url that can change from http to...
2009-11-11  Unknowni18n bugfixes
2009-11-10  Unknownremove a blank line
2009-11-10  Unknownadding the possibility to avoid auto css inclusion...
2009-11-10  Unknownfirst commit