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OwnerJohn Fremlin
Last ChangeThu, 18 Mar 2010 00:21:54 +0000
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2010-03-18  John Fremlinnew benchmark results master
2010-03-18  John Fremlinadded new re2 library benchmark
2010-03-18  John Fremlinupdate to new c++ std support
2010-03-11  John Fremlincorrect sign for -1 etc
2010-03-11  John Fremlincorrect parsing of floats like -0.1
2010-01-09  John Fremlincorrect major bracket typo
2010-01-03  John Fremlininline version of alist-get
2009-12-20  John Fremlindo not allocate a buffer for replacements unless at...
2009-11-19  John Fremlinallow the declaration used in defun-speedy to be configured
2009-11-19  John Fremlinremove sbcl workaround now bug 410940 is fixed
2009-10-07  John Fremlinremove unnecessary variable
2009-10-06  John Fremlinturn on optimizations
2009-10-06  John Fremlinredid the replace code to make it O(n) instead of O...
2009-09-30  Attila Lendvaisome care for replace.lisp, notably get rid of the...
2009-09-30  Attila Lendvaidon't abbreviate in integer &key max-len. also propagat...
2009-09-29  John Fremlinmove to alexandria from cl-utilities as recommended...
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