2010-03-18  John Fremlinnew benchmark results master
2010-03-18  John Fremlinadded new re2 library benchmark
2010-03-18  John Fremlinupdate to new c++ std support
2010-03-11  John Fremlincorrect sign for -1 etc
2010-03-11  John Fremlincorrect parsing of floats like -0.1
2010-01-09  John Fremlincorrect major bracket typo
2010-01-03  John Fremlininline version of alist-get
2009-12-20  John Fremlindo not allocate a buffer for replacements unless at...
2009-11-19  John Fremlinallow the declaration used in defun-speedy to be configured
2009-11-19  John Fremlinremove sbcl workaround now bug 410940 is fixed
2009-10-07  John Fremlinremove unnecessary variable
2009-10-06  John Fremlinturn on optimizations
2009-10-06  John Fremlinredid the replace code to make it O(n) instead of O...
2009-09-30  Attila Lendvaisome care for replace.lisp, notably get rid of the...
2009-09-30  Attila Lendvaidon't abbreviate in integer &key max-len. also propagat...
2009-09-29  John Fremlinmove to alexandria from cl-utilities as recommended...
2009-09-20  John Fremlindon't try to compiler macroexpand forms that are not...
2009-09-19  John Fremlincorrect force-byte-vector
2009-08-09  John FremlinNote sbcl bug
2009-08-08  John Fremlintweaks
2009-08-08  John Fremlinupdate tests to new match-integer
2009-08-08  John Fremlinhandle constant symbols as literal constants
2009-08-08  John Fremlinfix utf8 correctness on lisps where char-code-limit...
2009-07-26  John Fremlinuse compiler-macros as god intended (doh)
2009-07-26  John Fremlinfaster replace when no replacement is done
2009-07-02  John Fremlincorrect range type declaration for integer matchers
2009-06-20  John Fremlincorrect utf8 decode for lisps that do not support the...
2009-05-31  John Fremlinbetter inlining for SBCL
2009-05-02  John FremlinCorrectly handle floats starting with 0.
2009-03-22  John FremlinMerge branch 'master' of
2009-03-22  John Fremlinfix alist-get
2009-03-22  John Fremlinsmall fixes
2009-02-11  John Fremlinportability fixes
2009-02-07  John Fremlinbugfix when (match-end) is included in a match-until...
2009-02-07  John Fremlincorrect cdr-assoc and small fixes
2009-01-23  John FremlinAdded split functionality
2009-01-10  John FremlinDocument git
2009-01-10  John Fremlintest commit
2009-01-03  John Fremlinsmall fixes
2009-01-03  John Fremlinadded bind macros and some tweaks
2008-11-03  John Fremlinadded match-float and the bench stuff
2008-11-01  John Fremlintidy up
2008-11-01  John Fremlinbooted the specials *pos* and *target* down to lexical...
2008-11-01  John Fremlinmoved to macros as inline fails on sbcl
2008-10-29  John Fremlingot rid of *fail*, everything is lexical now
2008-10-26  John Fremlinnow passing all tests
2008-10-26  John Fremlincorrect many performance bugs and restructure
2008-10-24  John FremlinIR for more optimisations and some documentation
2008-10-16  John Fremlinconstants can be any fixed length prefix
2008-10-11  John Fremlinsome tweaks for better compilation speed and memory...
2008-09-29  John Fremlinchange integer parsing to macro
2008-09-23  John Fremlintweaks
2008-09-21  John Fremlinadd native utf8
2008-08-22  John Fremlintypo
2008-08-22  John FremlinBM and doc
2008-04-28  John Fremlinmany fixes; now working with HTTP server
2008-04-12  John Fremlingitignore
2008-04-12  John Fremlinstart