2009-02-01  Luis Oliveiraupdate cffi.asd for version 0.10.4 v0.10.4
2009-01-27  Luis Oliveiracffi-allegro: WITH-POINTER-TO-VECTOR-DATA fix
2009-01-27  Luis OliveiraHandle uninterned symbols in %DEFCALLBACK
2009-01-19  Luis OliveiraShareable byte vector support for Allegro CL
2009-01-09  Luis Oliveiracffi-allegro: use WITH-STATIC-FOBJECT instead of WITH...
2009-01-09  Luis Oliveiracffi-allegro: fix handling of pointers on 64-bit platforms
2009-01-19  Luis Oliveiracffi-clisp: bail out early on when FFI is not available.
2009-01-08  Luis Oliveiracffi-allegro: WITH-FOREIGN-POINTER bug fix
2008-12-31  Luis OliveiraExperimental DEFCSTRUCT feature: accessors.
2008-12-31  Luis OliveiraImprovements to the :ARRAY type.
2008-12-31  Luis OliveiraApply translators to FOREIGN-SLOT-VALUE on aggregate...
2008-12-31  Luis OliveiraAdd note about FREE-TRANSLATED-OBJECT's PARAM argument.
2008-12-30  Luis Oliveiramanual: miscellaneous improvements
2008-12-28  Stelian IonescuFix %INVOKE on Clisp.
2008-12-28  Stelian IonescuUse ETYPECASE instead of COND in a few places.
2008-10-11  Hugo DuncanAdd the ability to specify a preprocessor symbol as...
2008-12-27  Luis Oliveiradefcvar: don't ignore the documentation string.
2008-12-27  Luis Oliveiramanual: various improvements to the DEFCFUN node
2008-10-29  Luis Oliveiraupdate cffi.asd for version 0.10.3 v0.10.3
2008-10-28  Luis Oliveiracffi-sbcl: Fix brokeness in %close-foreign-library
2008-10-21  Josh ElsasserAllow PROCESS-GROVEL-FILE to work on files with null...
2008-10-14  David BrownShareable Vectors for ECL.
2008-10-09  Stelian IonescuFix SBCL %CLOSE-FOREIGN-LIBRARY wrt changes in 1.0...
2008-09-26  Luis fix: pass --no-userinit to sbcl
2008-09-26  Luis OliveiraUpdate SCL port.
2008-09-12  Luis Oliveiraupdate cffi.asd for version 0.10.2 v0.10.2
2008-09-12  Luis OliveiraTODO cleanup
2008-09-12  Luis OliveiraFix handling of the T clause in DEFINE-FOREIGN-LIBRARY
2008-08-30  Stelian IonescuAdd wrapper directives PROCLAIM and DECLAIM.
2008-08-22  Stelian IonescuAdd option BASE-TYPE to groveler directives CENUM and...
2008-08-22  Stelian IonescuSmall fix to the manual: use @var instead of @code...
2008-08-22  Stelian IonescuAdd option DEFINE-CONSTANTS to groveler directives...
2008-08-22  Stelian IonescuMake groveler directive CONSTANT more robust.
2008-08-22  Luis Oliveiramanual: restore colorization workingness
2008-08-22  Luis Oliveiramanual/groveller: fix ctype's documentation
2008-08-20  Luis Oliveiraupdate cffi.asd for version 0.10.1 v0.10.1
2008-08-20  Stephen Compallport uffi-compat to Clozure
2008-07-29  Luis OliveiraFix typo in the manual.
2008-07-29  Luis OliveiraSmall fix to to make same versions of bash...
2008-07-29  Luis Oliveiraupdate cffi.asd for version 0.10.0 v0.10.0
2008-07-29  Luis OliveiraAdd Installation chapter to the manual.
2008-07-29  Luis OliveiraDeprecate cffi-features.
2008-07-29  Luis OliveiraUse :import-from for alexandria symbols.
2008-07-29  Luis OliveiraNew and improved release script.
2008-07-29  Luis Oliveiradoc/Makefile: have upload-docs target build the manual...
2008-07-29  Luis Oliveiracffi-tests: mark a few expected failures for ECL
2008-07-29  Luis OliveiraECL: handle FILE-ERRORs in %LOAD-FOREIGN-LIBRARY
2008-07-29  Luis OliveiraECL: support long long on x86-64 by treating it as...
2008-07-29  Luis Oliveiracffi-tests: mark expected failures for allegro.
2008-07-29  Luis Oliveiracffi-tests: mark defcfun.noop as expected for CCL
2008-07-29  Luis Oliveiracffi-tests: use Babel's #\ syntax
2008-07-29  Luis Oliveiracffi-tests: mark some expected failures for lispworks
2008-07-29  Luis OliveiraFix alignment information for emulated long long types.
2008-07-29  Luis OliveiraUse BABEL:UNICODE-STRING instead of STRING in a few...
2008-07-28  Luis Oliveiracffi-tests: test stdcall only on win32
2008-07-28  Luis OliveiraExpect STRING.ENCODING.UTF-16.BASIC and STRING.ENCODING...
2008-07-28  Luis OliveiraSmall fixes and simplifications to the TEST-OPs
2008-07-28  Luis OliveiraCMUCL: fix NATIVE-NAMESTRING
2008-07-23  Stephen CompallExpand body only once for uffi:with-cstring.
2008-06-16  Luis Oliveiratests/Makefile: deal with BSD systems properly
2008-06-10  Luis OliveiraUpdate make-shareable-byte-vector for LW 5.1
2008-06-05  Stelian IonescuEliminate all references to cffi-utils package.
2008-06-04  attila.lendvaifix groveller by adding symbolicate to alexandria
2008-06-04  Luis Oliveiracffi-sbcl: needs when-let as well.
2008-06-03  Luis OliveiraMakefile: rename acl to alisp
2008-06-03  Luis OliveiraRemove cffi-utils
2008-05-09  Stelian IonescuFix emulation of [UNSIGNED-]LONG-LONG.
2008-06-02  Luis Oliveiracffi-openmcl: fix name conflict
2008-06-02  Luis Oliveiracffi-manual: @section CMUCL -> @subheading
2008-06-01  Luis OliveiraUpdate manual
2008-06-01  Luis Oliveiraminor change to foreign-string-to-lisp
2008-05-17  attila.lendvaiadded support for :cc-flags for grovel-file to specify...
2008-05-31  Luis OliveiraMinor fixes to cffi-manual.texinfo
2008-05-31  Luis OliveiraFix conflict in cffi-openmcl.lisp
2007-12-30  Stelian IonescuAdd dependency on ALEXANDRIA, remove redundant code...
2008-04-05  Stelian IonescuAdd groveler directive for inline C code, as for the...
2008-02-08  Stelian IonescuGroveler: small fix for ECL.
2008-04-07  Luis Oliveiracffi-lispworks: add long-long support on 64-bit platforms
2008-04-05  Luis OliveiraMark DEFCFUN.VARARGS.DOCSTRING as an expected failure...
2008-03-16  Luis Oliveirauffi-compat: fix bitrot in CONVERT-FROM-FOREIGN-STRING
2008-02-25  Luis OliveiraSimplify :[u]intptr definitons.
2007-12-21  Stelian IonescuMake sure that the groveller can handle nested PROGN...
2007-12-10  Luis OliveiraUnicode string update
2007-12-08  Luis OliveiraFix WITH-FOREIGN-POINTER-AS-STRING usage in examples...
2007-12-08  Luis OliveiraFix WITH-FOREIGN-POINTER-AS-STRING usage in examples.
2007-08-23  Luis Oliveiragrovel: fix Lispworks's %INVOKE
2007-08-13  Luis OliveiraFix strings.lisp
2007-08-13  Luis OliveiraUpdate tests to reflect changes in WITH-FOREIGN-POINTER...
2007-08-13  Luis OliveiraAdd missing :after qualifier in DEFINE-C-STRUCT-WRAPPER.
2007-08-13  Luis OliveiraDon't use aggresive compilation declarations in BABEL...
2007-08-06  Luis OliveiraFix WITH-FOREIGN-POINTER-AS-STRING return values
2007-08-06  Luis Oliveiragrovel: fix defwrapper handling of types in #'cffi...
2007-08-03  Luis Oliveiragrovel: fix handling of alternatives in constantenum
2007-08-03  Luis Oliveiragrovel: fix invoke on clisp/win32
2007-08-01  Luis Oliveiragrovel: ugh, fix wording in form-kind comment
2007-08-01  Stelian IonescuFix use of PROGN form by the groveller.
2007-08-01  Luis Oliveiragrovel: fix FORM-KIND
2007-07-30  Luis OliveiraAdd new types :intptr and :uintptr
2007-07-30  Luis Oliveiragrovel: update comment regarding cstruct-and-class