2011-01-03  Stelian IonescuGroveler: fix priting of symbol names and docstrings grovel++
2011-01-03  Stelian IonescuMove the loading of implementation-specific modules...
2011-01-03  Stelian IonescuRewrite groveler to use C++
2011-01-03  Stelian IonescuOops, fix RELOAD-FOREIGN-LIBRARIES
2011-01-02  Stelian IonescuQuote VAL in all necessary places in BSET
2011-01-02  Stelian IonescuAdd function RELOAD-FOREIGN-LIBRARIES
2010-12-05  Luís Oliveiracffi-uffi-compat: implement UFFI's foreign string encod...
2010-11-04  Stelian IonescuFix {LOAD,CLOSE}-FOREIGN-LIBRARY to accept pathnames...
2010-10-24  Stelian IonescuFix grovel wrapper generators, add type checking to...
2010-10-09  Stelian IonescuFix DEFWRAPPER, following changes to cffi::{foreign...
2010-09-19  Stelian IonescuRewrite PARSE-NAME-AND-OPTIONS to make it more comprehe...
2010-09-19  Stelian IonescuMerge remote branch 'clnet/master'
2010-09-19  Stelian IonescuBuild grovel-wrappers with the same CFLAGS used by...
2010-09-19  Stelian IonescuAdd MacPorts include path to *cc-flags* on OSX
2010-09-19  Stelian IonescuFix building grovel-wrappers on Windows
2010-09-19  Stelian IonescuUpdate email address
2010-09-19  Stelian IonescuImprove foreign library support
2010-09-19  Stelian IonescuFix closing shared libraries on CCL
2010-09-09  Luís OliveiraImprove Darwin compatibility in tests/GNUmakefile
2010-09-06  Luís Oliveirauffi-compat: change handling of :char to match UFFI...
2010-09-06  Luís OliveiraFix handling of (defcfun nil ...)
2010-08-22  Luís OliveiraAdd *.fasl and .DS_Store to .gitignore.
2010-08-22  Luís OliveiraUpdate Emily Backes's copyrights.
2010-08-22  Luís OliveiraMoving repository to git. v0.10.6
2010-05-20  Stelian IonescuWrap the definitions of groveler classes in EVAL-WHEN
2010-05-20  François-René... Groveler: allow the use of groveler classes as keywords...
2010-05-20  François-René... Groveler: print offsets as long
2010-05-20  François-René... Groveler: better names for type detection macros
2010-05-20  François-René... Groveler: before compiling a shared library, remove...
2010-05-20  François-René... Groveler: fix offsetof macro
2010-05-20  François-René... Fix cffi.asd for ASDF2
2010-04-28  Luis Oliveiracffi-ecl: always push no-long-long
2010-04-28  Luis Oliveiracffi-tests: don't use FOREIGN-FREE for malloc()ed memory
2010-04-28  Luis OliveiraNew pointer-related tests
2010-04-25  Luis Oliveiracffi-ecl: simplify shareable vector implementation
2010-04-25  Luis Oliveiracffi-ecl: inline %mem-set and %mem-ref
2010-04-25  Luis Oliveiracffi-ecl: use C-INLINE when producing compiled code
2010-04-25  Luis Oliveiracffi-ecl: reexport NULL-POINTER-P from SI
2010-04-25  Luis Oliveiracffi-ecl: use ECL's :long-long feature
2010-04-25  Luis OliveiraAllegro: fix WITH-FOREIGN-POINTER
2010-04-21  Jianshi HuangAllow the use of constants in WITH-FOREIGN-OBJECT for...
2010-02-19  Stelian IonescuRemove unused C macro SIGNED_ from common.h
2010-01-06  Luis Oliveiracffi-manual: navigation improvements.
2010-01-01  Luis Oliveiracffi-lispworks: add IGNORE declaration to CREATE-FOREIG...
2010-01-01  Luis Oliveiracffi-lispworks: make null-pointer-p check its argument...
2010-01-01  Luis OliveiraDocumentation: add note about RT, update description...
2010-01-01  Luis OliveiraPreliminary support for ABCL.
2009-12-11  Stelian IonescuUpdate email address.
2009-12-11  Stelian IonescuRemove spurious PRINT call.
2009-11-24  Luis Oliveiracffi-manual: the :STRING type does not support ub8...
2009-11-24  Luis Oliveiralibtest: support 64-bit on OSX Leopard
2009-11-24  Luis Oliveiracffi-tests: show Lispworks the full path to libm.dylib
2009-11-24  Luis Oliveiracffi-lispworks: turns out Lispworks does support llong...
2009-08-23  Stelian IonescuDeprecate groveler clause FLAG in favour of CC-FLAGS.
2009-08-21  Luis Oliveiracffi-allegro: define long long types on 64-bit platforms
2009-08-21  Luis Oliveiracffi-tests: fix pointer-to-integer casts in libtest.c
2009-08-21  Luis Oliveiracffi-tests: don't use stdcall #ifndef WIN32
2009-08-09  Stelian IonescuAlso canonicalize search paths in library specs.
2009-08-08  Stelian IonescuUpdate manual.
2009-08-08  Stelian IonescuWhitespace.
2009-08-08  Stelian IonescuDeclare DEFCALLBACK, DEFCFUN and DEFINE-FOREIGN-LIBRARY...
2009-08-07  Stelian IonescuFix docstring of LIST-FOREIGN-LIBRARIES.
2009-08-07  Stelian IonescuFix reloading a library in LOAD-FOREIGN-LIBRARY.
2009-08-04  Stelian IonescuUse type :wrapper for wrapper libraries generated by...
2009-07-20  Stelian IonescuUse type :test for the test libraries.
2009-07-20  Stelian IonescuAdd the ability to specify a foreign library's type...
2009-07-20  Stelian IonescuCosmetic changes (cconv -> calling-convention).
2009-08-04  Stelian IonescuGroveler fixes for ECL.
2009-07-25  Luis OliveiraECL: support more vector types in CFFI-SYS:WITH-POINTER...
2009-07-10  Luis Oliveiracffi-openmcl: prepend _ to external names on #+darwin...
2009-07-02  Luis Oliveiragrovel: don't use cffi-features.
2009-07-01  Luis Oliveiraclisp: small fix to %FOREIGN-ALLOC
2009-06-25  Stelian IonescuDon't trim #\VT.
2009-06-22  Stelian IonescuGroveler: trim-whitespace not strip-whitespace.
2009-06-22  Stelian IonescuGroveler: fix typo.
2009-06-22  Stelian IonescuGroveler: small refactoring, create *EXE-EXTENSION*
2009-06-22  Stelian IonescuGroveler: move boilerplate C code to common.h
2009-06-22  Stelian IonescuGroveller: fix usage of *CC-FLAGS*.
2009-06-22  Stelian IonescuInclude <string.h> with the groveler boilerplate code.
2009-06-22  Stelian IonescuMove the DEFPACKAGE and INVOKE out of grovel.lisp
2009-06-22  Stelian IonescuStyle change.
2009-06-22  Stelian IonescuGroveler: use WITH-STANDARD-IO-SYNTAX when processing...
2009-06-22  Stelian IonescuGroveler: implement %INVOKE for ABCL.
2009-06-16  Luis Oliveiraupdate cffi.asd for version 0.10.5 v0.10.5
2009-06-16  Luis Oliveiracffi-manual: minor style change.
2009-06-16  Stelian IonescuUpdate docs for groveler clause CONSTANT.
2009-06-15  Luis Oliveiragrovel: remove comment about the *CC* and the CC enviro...
2009-06-15  Luis Oliveiracffi-grovel: use "cc" on non-Windows platforms (includi...
2009-06-14  Luis Oliveiraclisp: avoid using NIL for null pointers.
2009-06-08  Stelian IonescuGroveler: add support for float constants.
2009-06-04  Luis Oliveiracffi-tests.asd: use trivial-features.
2009-06-04  Luis OliveiraAdd stdcall support for callbacks in Clozure CL.
2009-05-26  Luis Oliveiracffi-manual: fix code rot in the DEFCVAR example
2009-05-26  Luis OliveiraFix bug in FOREIGN-FUNCALL.
2009-05-26  Luis OliveiraFix the FOREIGN-STRUCT-SLOT-SET compiler macro for...
2009-04-29  Stelian IonescuBind *PACKAGE* in PROCESS-GROVEL-FILE.
2009-04-07  Luis OliveiraMinor manual fixes.
2009-02-02  Stelian IonescuMake sure that 64bit constants are groveled correctly...
2009-02-01  Luis Oliveiraupdate cffi.asd for version 0.10.4 v0.10.4
2009-01-27  Luis Oliveiracffi-allegro: WITH-POINTER-TO-VECTOR-DATA fix