2007-11-26  Greg PfeilUpdated version version-0_2_1
2007-11-26  Greg PfeilResolved conflicts.
2007-11-26  Greg PfeilShuffled around definitions to eliminate redefinition...
2007-11-26  Greg PfeilFixed a typo in mcl.lisp
2007-10-21  Greg PfeilImproved handling of unthreaded SBCL. version-0_2 version-0_2_0
2007-10-21  Greg PfeilAdded contributor list. version-0_1_4
2007-10-21  Greg PfeilFixed CMU implementation, based on patch submitted... version-0_1_3
2007-10-17  Greg PfeilUpdated the version number to the _correct_ version.
2007-10-17  Greg Pfeilupdated the version number
2007-10-16  Greg PfeilAdded documentation to THREAD-ALIVE-P. version-0 version-0_1 version-0_1_2
2007-10-16  Greg PfeilChanged BORDEAUX-MP to BORDEAUX-THREADS in documentation. version-0_1_1
2007-10-16  Greg PfeilAdded THREAD-ALIVE-P version-0_1_0
2007-10-16  Greg PfeilCorrected name of method from destroy-process to destro... version-0_0_2
2007-10-16  Greg PfeilAdded location of Armed Bear threading implementation.
2007-04-10  Greg PfeilIncremented version for copyright addition. 0_0_2
2007-04-10  Greg PfeilAdded license file.
2007-03-31  Pierre ThierryCopyright and license notices
2006-08-23  Attila LendvaiMake it usable on non-threaded lisps like clisp
2006-06-16  Greg Pfeiltested on SBCL-0.9.13 on Linux/x86
2006-06-15  Greg PfeilRemoved SBCL 0.9.11 row, since it's now old and hasn...
2006-06-15  Greg PfeilManually tested ABCL, and made some changes to fix it.
2006-06-15  Greg PfeilTested on Allegro-8.0-Darwin/PPC
2006-06-15  Greg PfeilChanged platform support to a matrix and added Allegro...
2006-06-15  Greg PfeilAdd negative test case for threadp
2006-06-15  Greg Pfeilfixed defpackage form, :nickname -> :nicknames
2006-06-08  Greg PfeilImproved ArmedBear support.
2006-06-08  Greg PfeilAdded download information.
2006-06-08  Greg PfeilManually ran tests on ECL darwin/ppc to get results.
2006-06-08  Greg PfeilAdded a couple more ENSUREs to the tests.
2006-06-08  Greg PfeilFixes for LispWorks. It now passes all tests.
2006-06-08  Greg Pfeilmore detailed test results.
2006-06-06  Greg PfeilAdded link to docs, and table rows for Darwin/x86 results.
2006-06-06  Greg PfeilInitial version of bordeaux-threads.